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kat kourbeti
kat kourbeti
welcome to ‘honest to blog’ by me, kat kourbeti, a science fiction & fantasy writer based in london, uk.
exhibit a: the view from my window. gotta love british weather 😅
exhibit a: the view from my window. gotta love british weather 😅
i help run london’s largest (and best, imo, but i’m biased) critique group for sf/f writers. i also make podcasts (i’m planning two right now, because one isn’t enough!), and used to write a lot about film. i still might; i kinda miss it actually.
occasionally i also make videos on youtube, but those things take tiiiime, and between my two jobs as a [theatre] box office monkey, and working on my writing, that’s kinda tough.
so, here’s the plan:
i’ll be posting content here about the things that matter to me the most - stories. i’ll be sharing stuff about writing (i’m working on a four book modern fantasy series inspired by paradise lost at the moment, among several other things), other people’s art that inspires me, thoughts on music and theatre, and other such relevant things.
if you like:
  • music recommendations
  • writing process chatter
  • reviews/disCoUrSe on art/theatre/culture at large
  • podcast-y type things
  • … sign up now so you don’t miss the first issue :)
and in the meantime, tell your friends! and follow me on instagram and twitter.
talk to you soon,
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kat kourbeti
kat kourbeti @darthjuno

writing, media and arts commentary from a queer g(r)eek writer of science fiction and fantasy works.

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