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By kat kourbeti

writing, media and arts commentary from a queer g(r)eek writer of science fiction and fantasy works.

writing, media and arts commentary from a queer g(r)eek writer of science fiction and fantasy works.

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hugo voting closes tonight! plus my thoughts on dune, the eternals, and where you can hear my voice this week

vote 'strange horizons' for best semiprozine 🙏


hark! british fantasy awards news, podcasts, and two (2) cat pictures

not without hiccups, but my house move is complete! i live in central london now - which is the strangest sentence i get to type in this newsletter (and my goodness, there's a few of those). for better or worse, covid hit the house market and my partner and i…


donde esta la discoteca?

greetings, friends! things have been a-moving here at honest to blog. quite literally, i'm getting ready to move in with my partner (d'awww), so i've had the whole gamut of flat-hunting experience from getting yanked around by an agency for a solid month, to …


new home, who dis (also: Hugos screaming, podcasts galore, and con stuff)

greetings from honest to blog's new home on Revue. while being owned by twitter is not necessarily the absolute best, at least it's the devil we all know, without all that weird paid bigot/shady VC bs. (confused? i talked about this in my last issue on substa…


quarantine life, year 1

one year ago today, i went to work for the last time.the summer before last, i bought an anime mystery goody bag that included an ‘uwu’ face mask/covering, which i found adorable and hilarious, and i put it away for maybe the flu season, or hayfever season, o…


originality is dead. long live Disney. 💋

but we already have 2 cruella movieshappy new year everyone! i tried to start this newsletter about 30 times since january, but the “new year, new lockdown” narrative exhausted me even more than the actual lockdown has (i’m so very tired of this schtick, but …


pandemic birthday time! 🎉🎂🎁

what a difference a year makes eh? normally around this time i’d say some vague platitude about how i feel like maybe i’ve changed a bit but not a whole lot, but i’ll be honest: 2020 has taught me so much about myself, the world, and the truly important thing…


conventions, new podcast ventures, and judging at the BFAs

well, hello there friends. once again, it has been a minute since i last wrote you, at first for a lack of things to say, then for a lack of will to live, and then for a lack of time, as i went back to work on the london riverbank. (oh yeah! i survived redund…


on being the change we wish to see in the world

hey. hope you’ve all been keeping well. boy oh boy has it been a Time since last we spoke.


the lockdown time vortex

heyyyy. it’s been a minute.


my name is kat and i have an ebook problem

quarantine is shaping up to be the perfect time to do all those things you’ve been meaning to, “when [you] have more time”: deep clean the house; mari-kondo your belongings; start that podcast; go back to making youtube videos; pick up crochet/knitting/other …


quarantine life, week 1.

on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being hunky dory and 1 being an endless cosmic scream into the void, how’s your sanity holding up in quarantine so far?


quarantine life, day 1.

well, folks, i think it’s safe to say we’ve all had A Week.


nicolas cage, cthulhu, and the internet

this week’s a little different, and a bit long; i come to you with a film review, some of my thoughts on lovecraft and the cthulhu mythos (and how bizarre the world we live in actually is, tentacle monsters and all), some media i’ve been enjoying, and some te…


architects vs gardeners

this week finds me knee-deep in reoutlining the brand new draft of my book, which i mentioned in last week’s first email blast. my co-writer athena and i have a lock on the bare skeleton of a structure, the key beats if you will, and now comes the time to fig…


"new year, new draft!"

please allow me to introduce myself.hi, i’m kat, i’ve been writing the same book* for the last eight years**, and i’m about to scrap what i have and start from scratch for the fifth time.


thundercats are go!

welcome to ‘honest to blog’ by me, kat kourbeti, a science fiction & fantasy writer based in london, uk.