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Daron's Media Daily - Special Note

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." Henry Ford
Daron's Media Daily - Special Note
By Daron Jenkins • Issue #15 • View online
“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Henry Ford

What’s New with NYFL:
Hi Gang…
Thanks for rsvp-ing for the networking event coming this Wednesday! Looking forward to meeting all the awesome people who have shown interest.
I thought I would send out this info ahead of the event so that everyone can know who is in the room. I will share this info with the other registrants so if there is anything you don’t wish to share, please feel free not to enter it. Don’t worry, this is only for getting people a chance to connect in a more effective manner (not for sharing with any third party!). I also want to learn more about why you decided to register for this event and what your interest is in New York Film Loft?
Because the purpose of this event is to start the movement towards the creation of this coworking space for film, television, and VR, I think it’s important for you to also understand why you’re interested in this. Ever hear of the phrase “A Rising Tide Floats all Boats”? Well, this is a perfect example of this community space. When we truly work together, there is very little we can’t do.
As a community, we’ll…
+ Recruit new members and partners
+ Develop a business plan based on our member needs
+ Work with together to find a location to open New York Film Loft
+ Members who buy in and stay active share a piece in the hard work
+ Together we…Move in. Assemble Furniture. Paint Walls. Install Network.
+ Grand opening! Together we celebrate!
So, take a moment please, fill out the form if you are truly interested in playing an active role in New York Film Loft’s creation. If not, you’re of course still welcomed to join us on Wednesday! There’s no pressure to get involved but of course, we hope you will!
This event will not be a formal setting, however, I will be there and you can ask me questions if you have them. Following the event, we will have a few more events (some formalized meetings and some just straight networking!) to continue to grow the community and develop strategy!
If you haven’t rsvp’d for the social gathering this week (Weds., Mar 29th 6pm), here’s the link (please share!):
Here’s the link to the survey:
If you have issues with the form, let me know.
Please fill this out BEFORE the event if possible! Thanks!
Daron Jenkins
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