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D.Y.O.R. - Issue #3

D.Y.O.R. Do Your Own Research
D.Y.O.R. Do Your Own Research
Web3 Security, Music Nft’s, Upcoming Projects & Onboarding ( 6 min. )

Setting up your Ledger
Setting up my Ledger was easier than I thought it would be however there are a few things I wish I would have known. I encourage you all to do your own research and try new things ( managing risk ) but learning some things that you can do better. Transferring my crypto was very easy, I was not able to transfer some of my higher risk ( newer ) coins. It would be good to know how many different blockchain apps you will need to download onto the Ledger Nano S which is very affordable but has limited memory. I could only download five apps, the apps are different sizes as well.
Download Ledger Live | Ledger
I was able to transfer my NFTs to my ledger, it was a little tricky, after I figured it out it went a lot smoother. I took caution with this step using a test NFT to make sure it went thru. I was able to send my polygon NFTs to my ledger from my wallet and from open sea. ( using the eth network ) I was unable to move all of my crypto and I will probably upgrade soon. I feel so much better knowing that all my hard work these last nine months is safe! PRO tip learn how to connect your ledger to a meta mask. Look for videos like this one ( below ) to help you out if you get stuck. ( 10 min. )
I want to say Thank YOU!
Everyone go check out what @artmusicnfts is up to! She is a multi talented artist who is published on many web3 platforms. Monster is on a mission to help her fellow humans! On behalf of web3 and all of the people you’ve helped I wanted to give you your Flowers!
Drop in 2hrs!
The Diamond Room
Make sure to tap into spaces twice a week and join a community of driven like minded individuals. Diamond has a token gated website to be used for private Collab’s and a hang out for members. The team has been working hard behind the scene setting up an IRL ( in real life ) event coming soon. Slide thru the discord and fill out an intro so that we can all get to know you better.
Join the Diamond World 💎🌎🎶 Discord Server!
Don't Miss Out!
On Repeat. Go to Soundcloud and like the song!
Stream Not That Type Of Guy (Prod. By Mike Bulgakov) by Lil Baby GOAT | Listen online for free on SoundCloud
Music Nft Radio
Dyl 🔥
How to get spins on Music NFT Radio:

1. Join as listener & get the vibe
2. After a while, request to speak
3. Stay as a speaker for hours
4. Eventually raise hand to spin

Earn spins by listening! Its not a waste of time. #MusicNFTRadio is the fastest way to grow in Music NFTs
Don't Forget to check out Rockhounds
Solid Community
Join the Not Today Club Discord Server!
Wild Friends Club
I want to talk about some reasons I like to invest in projects. When I say invest I don’t mean only financially, there are many ways that you can invest. I look for projects that interest me, are inline with what I’m doing in web3, or just projects or people that I love. It doesn’t hurt to check out multiple communities to find the ones that you vibe with the best. Try to hop in spaces with the creators so that you can ask any questions you might have. Tap in with the communities and hopefully build lasting relationships.
Join the Wild Friends Club Discord Server!
Wild Friends Club
Finally, today we have finished work on the site, you can get acquainted with the project here)

#NFT #NFTLaunch
Platform Launching Soon ( sick UI )
I’ve been following NFM for awhile, this is a great article that explains why I think NFM is going to take off. The NFM platform is currently being opened up to start beta testing. Recently the creator ( nfmr0x ) has been onboarding big VC’s, marketing and CEX listing are around the corner. You can find all of this info in NFM discord, by reading the articles NFM has published and engaging with the community. The mods in discord have always been very helpful and fast. I encourage you all to D.Y.O.R. & don’t be afraid to ask questions or to tell people that you are new and may need a little more assistance. You don’t have to invest your money to get involved. ( 5 min. )
Non-Fungible Music (@NFMusicNFT) - TechBullion
From me to you
To the first eight people that believed in me and subscribed to my newsletter, Thank You! I will continue to play with the format of this newsletter, feedback is crucial, I want to hear ideas or projects that you might have that would help the web3 community. I’m going to be putting my energy into making the newsletter the best that I can, I will not be pushing it spaces so if you find value please comment like and retweet. Thank you again for reading this far and I will talk to you soon. Love Pray Music
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D.Y.O.R. Do Your Own Research
D.Y.O.R. Do Your Own Research @DarkniteCrypto

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