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Suggesting "One Fundamentally Strong Company" every Sunday and one Amazing Infographic every Thursday.

Suggesting "One Fundamentally Strong Company" every Sunday and one Amazing Infographic every Thursday.

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List of Darkhorsestock ideas - 17 Ideas in total



New Darkhorsestock Idea -: One of our favourite company.

Current Price-: 1475 RsCompany name-: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-1IvSector-: ConglomerateBook Value of holdings -: 1877 per shareWe wanted to write about this company for quite a while now. However repeatedly we had missed the opportunity when the stock was down si…


New Darkhorsestock Idea | Microcap Company | Marketcap - 1200 Rs

Company-: https://www.darkhorsestocks.in/new_idea.html(Enter Mobile/Email to view the idea)MarketCap-: Around 1200 CroresWe had clearly said at the beginning of this year, that the markets are going to underperform and we could see some stocks falling 30-35% …


New Darkhorsestock Idea

Company - https://www.darkhorsestocks.in/new_idea.htmlThis company belongs to one of the most reputed business groups in India and goodwill / brand name of the company far exceeds that of anyone else in the Indian market. Since last few months the stock has b…


New Darkhorsestock Infograpic

If you have missed this amazing darkhorsestock idea, it is worth exploring. Despite increase in 40% sales, net profit was thrashed due to reduced opm. However the management is very confident of the revival in the coming period which makes it worth exploring …


New Darkhorsestock Idea

Current Price-: 764 RsCompany -: https://www.darkhorsestocks.in/new_idea.html( Click on the above view, enter mobile or email to view company)Sector -: Auto AncillariesAbout-: This is a debt-free company engaged in manufacturing and assembling auto components…


New Amazing Infographic

Infographics are of ideas already suggested earlier. Infographics are extremely important if you are a free user because this is how you will get to know about the companies suggested earlier.


New Dark horse stock idea + Past ideas where mutual funds purchased shares in March 2022.

Sector -: Iron and SteelPE- Less than 10P/S -: 1.5Company -: https://www.darkhorsestocks.in/new_idea.html( Go to above link - Enter Mobile or Email - you will get the premium idea password and link to the report )Russia - Ukraine war had a deep impact on the …


New Darkhorsestock Idea

Company -: https://www.darkhorsestocks.in/new_idea.htmlInstructions to view Company- Click on the above link - Enter Mobile number or EmailKey Aspects-Debt Free- Only Manufacturer of HMDS in India and 3rd Largest worldwide - Largest Manufacturer of CMIC in In…


New Darkhorsestock Idea -: One of the largest agriculture companies in India

Key Aspects -: One of the top agrochemical companies in India | Completely Debt free | Collaboration with major companies etc- Sector-: Agrochemcials- Company Name-: https://www.darkhorsestocks.in/new_idea.html( Enter Mobile number or Email on above link)



Current Price-: 1395 RsSector -: DefenceKey Aspect -: One of the largest aerospace companies in Asia | Government Navratna PSU | Completely Debt Free.Company name & report-: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-1AW


New Darkhorsestock idea -: One of the largest real estate company in India.

Current Price-: 1111RsSector-: Real EstateCompany-: https://wp.me/p8WeZG-1ze(Contains amazing images )Remember few weeks back we had said that we were tracking one real estate company. Well this was the company we were talking about. This is among the largest…



Current Price-: Less than 70 RsLink -: https://www.darkhorsestocks.in/new_idea.htmlSector-: Food ProcessingThis is an almost 30+ years old company having made investments across the value chain be it – Sustainable Farming, Procurement, Manufacturing Facilitie…



#Update -: Top Gainers Yesterday- Iol Chemicals +8%- OAL 9%- TTK Prestige 11%- EPL 10%


NEW DARKHORSESTOCK IDEA -: A Nbfc you would have never heard about

This week we were exploring two companies for suggesting on darkhorsestocks. One belongs to the real estate sector which requires some more research therefore it would be suggested on a later date while another one is an NBFC company.Company suggested today i…



Current Price-: 460 RsCompany Name & Report -: https://www.darkhorsestocks.in/new_idea.html(Enter mobile number **or** Email on above link to view the idea)Sector-: Garments | Clothing Brands | TextilesAbout-:This is an almost 54 years old company engaged…



NEW DARKHORSESTOCK IDEA-: TATA GROUP COMPANYCurrent Price: 896 RsCompany Name & Report-: https://www.darkhorsestocks.in/new_idea.htmlPassword-: dhs@123About-: This is the global leader in soda ash and sodium bicarbonate. It is a globally leading multinati…



#Update- Sree Rayalaseema suggested in July 2021 was up over 18% yesterday and almost 35% since suggested. Company had amazing q3 results. Highest ever Quarterly Net profit.https://darkhorsestocks.com/?p=3728


NEW DARKHORSESTOCK IDEA -: Chemical Company | 55 Years old | Producer of Monomers | Planning tto launch 3-4 new products.

Current Price-: 2128 RsCompany Name & Report -: https://www.darkhorsestocks.in/new_idea.html(Enter mobile number or Email on above link to view the idea)Sector -: Speciality ChemicalsAbout-: This is an *almost 55 years old* company engaged in the business…



Current Price-: 1090 RsCompany-: ( https://wp.me/p8WeZG-1to )Click on the above link for name and report.About-: This subsidiary of VP Auslandsbeteiligungen GmbH a Heidenheim, Germany Based Company. The company is engaged in supplying the paper industry with …