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|| Nerd Words for HR || - Issue #5

Welcome to the newest || NERD WORDS for HR ||, Talented people need organizations less, than organiza

|| Nerd Words for HR ||

February 10 · Issue #5 · View online
Nerd Words for HR - It's about making work work! Get bi-weekly updates on the recent HR Tech trends and stay close to the future of people management.

Welcome to the newest || NERD WORDS for HR ||,
Talented people need organizations less, than organizations need talented people. Dan Pink
This is why people management has one (and only one) core mission: The creation of great workplaces. As people managers we have been devoted to this mission 20 years ago and we will be devoted to this mission 20 years from now. But realize that the number of available employees is finite and decreasing due to demographic developments! Therefore, we won’t need to build great workplaces, we will have to build greater workplaces than our strongest competitor for talents.  
Toward this end, it is essential to gain knowledge about:
  • what will make us happy at work?
  • are there any universal rules of employee engagement?
  • will these universal rules be affected by the future of work?
This is why the 5th issues of || NERD WORDS for HR || features talks, articles, and resources about the characteristics of great work and employee experiences. Also I focused on behavioral economics as a great line of research about with a strong emphasis of managing human behavior at work. As always, I include my very own implications for the future of people management.
Enjoy this weeks || NERD WORDS for HR || and feel free to share and discuss the content. 

|| NERD WORDS || Featured talks
Dan Ariely: What makes us feel good about our work? | TED Talk
Google's Using People Data to Make Happier, More Effective Employees - YouTube
|| NERD WORDS || Featured articles
The Power of Nudges, for Good and Bad - The New York Times
The Psychology Of Work: How Loss Aversion Can Be Applied In The Workplace, How To Drive Behavioral Change, And Influence VS. Free Will | CustomerThink
Slack’s crusade against email just escalated — now you can share channels with other companies - Recode
We Asked 169,000 Workers About What Makes Their Workplace Great. Here's Their Take |
|| NERD WORDS || Featured resources
2017 Employee Engagement & Loyalty Statistics
The World's Best Behavioral Economics Reading List - Business Insider
I am located in Munich. Are you interested in sharing your thoughts or meeting over the best coffee in town? Feel free to drop me a line at muehlbauer(at) or connect with me on facebook, linkedin, xing, or twitter.
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