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|| Nerd Words for HR || - Issue #2

“In the future, however, we may see real gaps in physical and cognitive abilities opening between an

|| Nerd Words for HR ||

December 30 · Issue #2 · View online
Nerd Words for HR - It's about making work work! Get bi-weekly updates on the recent HR Tech trends and stay close to the future of people management.

“In the future, however, we may see real gaps in physical and cognitive abilities opening between an upgraded upper class and the rest of society.” Yuval Noah Harari, Author of Homo Deus
Most of us focus on the revolutionary changes recently brought about by technological tools and their application to the management of people. Most of us also focus on the fundamental transformation of our beloved function and the people we will manage in the (near) future.  
We, as people management professionals, will increasingly use HR Tech tools for solving the three critical challenges of our profession (i.e., finding, growing, and keeping talent). The people we manage and the talent we build relationships with will also increasingly apply technology to find or switch jobs as well as to solve their critical work challenges.
At its core, the future of people management depends on three things:
  • understanding the technology (to-be) used in HR
  • mastering human-computer cooperation 
  • further developing the skills, hard to be replaced by machines
The 2nd issue of || NERD WORDS for HR || gathers thought pieces, insights, and resources on human-computer cooperation and the use of artificial intelligence with a focus on recruitment technology. For each, I will provide my view of the implications for the management of people. As always, feel free to share your thoughts and engage in discussions.

Enjoy the newest || NERD WORDS for HR ||!

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