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This chapter is called, “Aligning on Purpose.”

Daniel Peter D'Alonzo
Daniel Peter D'Alonzo
Good morning. I am putting a team together to run the next social innovation program(s) through Cooperative Impact.
Each of us will represent nodes around the world, networked, running our own programming within our communities as we culminate the year with a series of global in person convenings in a country to be announced soon. 
This is about coming together to create the world we desire by starting from within our local communities around the world. Then, over the course of the year, observing the natural bloom of humanity’s evolution.
I’ve included a few videos at the bottom of this message to provide additional context.
One of the best parts of social innovation is that it is a direct reflection of the people within a community. That’s you. That’s us. 
I see this event, or series of events, emerging as a direct reflection of the people like you whom I’ve met over the years, and the communities you exist within. You’ve inspired me to keep going in ways I didn’t know were possible. 
I’d like to use this as a platform to create space for the others in our communities around the world to come together under a shared purpose or theme:
You belong here. 
Come as you are. 
I am reaching out to people I’ve worked with in the past (or who I would like to work with) and who I see as valuable for this type of venture. The team size will likely expand and contract over the year to approx 5-20 people at a time.
The team will have our first virtual gathering in the next few weeks. Team checkins will take place weekly. Attend the meetings you’d like to attend. Create and manage projects with your team based on how much responsibility you’d like to take on. Take up as much space as you desire. 
This is a long term venture so it’s understandable that people come and go from the team. I invite you to start and stop as you feel called. We will honor your arrival and departure and I expect you will do the same.
The actual programming will take place over several weeks leading up to the core experiences which will be condensed into the final month (October/November). The framing for the content will follow the four movements. Experiences will fall into one, or more, of the movements: humanity, community, innovation, impact. 
The programming, workshops, and experiences we offer will be decided by us, as a team. We are in the business of transformation so I expect the content to be born from that. We will do our best to work together, cooperate, and make group decisions about where/how/why we move forward from here. 
There will be a music component scored to the four movements that will be featured likely at the end of the year’s programming as a type of grand finale closing concert. There will be an all ages art experience that takes place to compliment the music and welcomes families from around the world to celebrate their membership to one human race. 
The team will split the revenue from the venture. The company will receive three shares of revenue. 
For example, if the team is 10 people, we will consider the actual team size 13. When we divide the revenue to each team member, each person gets one share and the company will have three. If the total revenue for the team is $100,000, each team member receives approx $7,000 and the company receives approx $23,000. There will also be shares of revenue for facilitators/keynotes/sponsors which we, as a team, will decide upon together. 
Our first mission will be to answer questions such as:
Where are we going? (vision)
Who is coming with us? (team)
When will we arrive? (roadmap)
How will we know we are going the right direction? (milestones)
I would like to invite you to consider aligning with me on this venture as a team member. Once the team is established, we will open the invitation for facilitators, partners, sponsors, and sell early bird tickets. 
If this is something you’re interested in, and would like to learn more about attending the first team checkin, please reply to this message with a “yes”, and I’ll follow up with details about the team call. 
If you have any questions, please reply and ask. I’m here with you. 
Daniel D Alonzo

Four Movements Pilot [2015] on Vimeo
Four Movements Pilot [2015] on Vimeo
Reimagining Higher Education on Vimeo
Reimagining Higher Education on Vimeo
Hub City Revival (Trailer) on Vimeo
Hub City Revival (Trailer) on Vimeo
Worldbuilders | Introduction on Vimeo
Worldbuilders | Introduction on Vimeo
Hub City Revival (Trailer) on Vimeo
Hub City Revival (Trailer) on Vimeo
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Daniel Peter D'Alonzo
Daniel Peter D'Alonzo

At this time, my intention is to use this newsletter to share my evolution, and showcase projects on the horizon.
I am a peacemaker originally from the USA and currently living in Europe.
I am motivated by opportunity, connecting with others, conflict resolution, and cross cultural collaboration.
I like to be with people. I like to do things with different types of people. And I love to make things that help people. More recently, I’m also finding joy being with myself, doing things myself, and making things for myself.
I am fascinated by compassion, temperance, and imagination. I am curious what my life (and the world) would be like with more of these things.
Professionally, I have been an Experience Designer for 13 years. I design products, run programs, and provide consulting to governments, universities, and startups.
Basically, I help people make things … that help people make things … that help people. I work with clients 1:1 both in-person and virtually. If I were to express my most passionate work it would be my devotion to:
Running incubators that develop future peacemakers who launch peacemaking ventures from anywhere in the world. These experiences are for creating ventures that make peace with one’s self, with different cultures, and with our Mother Earth.

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