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There are new deals in your Safe.

Daniel Peter D'Alonzo
Daniel Peter D'Alonzo
I am starting a fund. The fund invests in people.
People like you.
I posted the first batch of new deals by packaging needs of the fund into products, or, investment vehicles.
There are three rounds available in Q1 2022. First round is a priced round and is available until January 31st, 2022.
Next steps:
1. Take no action. If waiting for a cash out, you will be contacted when your money is ready for withdrawal.
2. Review the deal flow in your Safe. Explore deals that can grow your balance.
3. Express interest in a deal. Soon, you will have the option to ‘Add Deal to Cart’ and checkout on your own.
If you have questions right now, that’s a good thing. I invite you to review your Safe account and all media I have published in the last two months.
Thank you for your patience as we create the context and content together, in real-time. If you have not yet received a login or if you have questions, please reach out.
Thank you.
— Daniel Peter D’Alonzo

Welcome to S.A.F.E.
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Daniel Peter D'Alonzo
Daniel Peter D'Alonzo

At this time, my intention is to use this newsletter to share my evolution, and showcase projects on the horizon.
I am a peacemaker originally from the USA and currently living in Europe.
I am motivated by opportunity, connecting with others, conflict resolution, and cross cultural collaboration.
I like to be with people. I like to do things with different types of people. And I love to make things that help people. More recently, I’m also finding joy being with myself, doing things myself, and making things for myself.
I am fascinated by compassion, temperance, and imagination. I am curious what my life (and the world) would be like with more of these things.
Professionally, I have been an Experience Designer for 13 years. I design products, run programs, and provide consulting to governments, universities, and startups.
Basically, I help people make things … that help people make things … that help people. I work with clients 1:1 both in-person and virtually. If I were to express my most passionate work it would be my devotion to:
Running incubators that develop future peacemakers who launch peacemaking ventures from anywhere in the world. These experiences are for creating ventures that make peace with one’s self, with different cultures, and with our Mother Earth.

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