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Launch a heart-centered venture that makes an impact.

Daniel Peter D'Alonzo
Daniel Peter D'Alonzo
This 100-Day program starts March 1st.
How it Works
You will learn to bring ideas that influence social, environmental, and financial change from inception to first transaction.
  • You will start from within to build a deeper relationship with yourself so that you may build deeper relations with your peers, partners, families, and friends. 
  • You will decide to build a team, or build alone. 
  • You will immerse yourself into your community to practice listening. Upon which, you will learn to extract insights from what the data you observe and collect. 
  • As a cohort, we will turn your insights into tangible prototypes that you will experiment with until you validate your concept and move towards your first transactions.
You will receive world class education and ongoing opportunities for growth. In addition to:
  • NFT collection with your cultural digital assets that impact humanity
  • 12 months free web hosting for the venture(s) you launch
  • Private network of founders around the world
  • Professional development of intangible soft skills
To be considered for this program, you must complete the following by February 28th:
  1. Attend Meet & Greet
  2. Meet one-on-one with myself or another program leader
  3. Finalize your tuition arrangement (pay now or pay later)
NEXT STEP = Step #1: Meet & Greet
  • Thursday, January 20th at 7pm EST
  • Please RSVP on Cooperative Impact’s Facebook page (linked below)
  • At the end of the session, you’ll get info on Step #2
Thank you.
Daniel Peter D'Alonzo

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Daniel Peter D'Alonzo
Daniel Peter D'Alonzo

At this time, my intention is to use this newsletter to share my evolution, and showcase projects on the horizon.
I am a peacemaker originally from the USA and currently living in Europe.
I am motivated by opportunity, connecting with others, conflict resolution, and cross cultural collaboration.
I like to be with people. I like to do things with different types of people. And I love to make things that help people. More recently, I’m also finding joy being with myself, doing things myself, and making things for myself.
I am fascinated by compassion, temperance, and imagination. I am curious what my life (and the world) would be like with more of these things.
Professionally, I have been an Experience Designer for 13 years. I design products, run programs, and provide consulting to governments, universities, and startups.
Basically, I help people make things … that help people make things … that help people. I work with clients 1:1 both in-person and virtually. If I were to express my most passionate work it would be my devotion to:
Running incubators that develop future peacemakers who launch peacemaking ventures from anywhere in the world. These experiences are for creating ventures that make peace with one’s self, with different cultures, and with our Mother Earth.

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