By Daniel D Alonzo

The intention of this newsletter is to be a space for my expression.

The intention of this newsletter is to be a space for my expression.

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Who are all the actors? [Stakeholder update]

The intention of this email is to provide structure for the design of the complex project known as Cooperative Impact.I’ve included four sketches in this email. The intention of sharing the four sketches is to show you my design process - the way I work throu…


Stakeholder update on Cooperative Impact Global

A series of in-person gatherings begin in New York City this June. We are building partnerships with leaders in several cities around the world who are also gathering locally with their own communities - some cities are already active and we are supporting ot…


“I think you wrote this. It feels like you did.” They said.

This past year was one of my most challenging. For many reasons. There is a group of people who decided to stay with me through the fire. This is family.I received a text last night from one of these people. They included a picture with their message. The con…


“We need a hotel,” my samurai brother said.

The Olympian I told you about yesterday shared an insight with me today. Being that this year will culminate with an in-person immersion, it will make sense for us to begin with the end in mind.We will need a place to feed and house our guests, participants, …


The best mentors ask a lot of questions.

I am grateful for the people I’ve met over the years. If you’re reading this message, you’re likely one of those people. Such a beautiful person you are. The most recent question I was asked (yesterday) was a simple question. I was speaking with an experience…


They wrote about us in 2015. (Part 3 of 3)

A decade of pivots brings us to this moment. That reminds me, I need to make a language iteration since my last email to you. Rather than call it a "team", I would like to call it a "family". Also, I included a link to the press article written in 2015 about …


Bring your toys, your tools, and your imagination. (Part 2 of 3)

My intention is to create space for us to play in. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So I drew a picture to show you what I see. It’s like a sandbox. Bring your toys, your tools, and your imagination.The regenerative drawing attached to this messa…


This chapter is called, “Aligning on Purpose.”

Good morning. I am putting a team together to run the next social innovation program(s) through Cooperative Impact.Each of us will represent nodes around the world, networked, running our own programming within our communities as we culminate the year with a …


Today is the last day to acquire the Podcast Venture at $449.

Everything you need to launch your podcast, all in one place. The price will increase to $949 USD starting tomorrow, February 1st, 2022.Podcasts are assets that integrate into learning ecosystems. As you develop your learning platform (ecosystem) with your le…


Humans gather tonight at 7pm EST.

Here are 6 slides I will walk through on tonight's call at 7pm EST. These slides are the current draft, they are actively evolving, and I look forward to hearing feedback on how to improve.The intention of tonight is to connect and walkthrough our potential c…


High-impact intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs shape a compassionate future.

Intrapreneurs are employees and consultants who have autonomy to act as entrepreneurs within companies. I like to put a twist on that by saying we develop ‘social enterprise’ intrapreneurs.‘Social Enterprise’ is a business that serves a human need. In other w…


Emergence is the act of becoming yourself.

The circus elephant is born and tied to a stake in the ground. It goes its entire life performing, and it understands its limits by that which is defined by the circus leader.The elephant simply needs to walk, in any direction, and it would pull the stake out…


Launch a heart-centered venture that makes an impact.

This 100-Day program starts March 1st.How it WorksYou will learn to bring ideas that influence social, environmental, and financial change from inception to first transaction.You will start from within to build a deeper relationship with yourself so that you …


A reason to live. Tonight at 6pm EST.

I am hosting a 30 minute live session tonight. I share more about the inspiration for this gathering in today’s 2 minute podcast episode which is linked below. In a nutshell:The chaos of the universe is inside us. How can I create space within myself to allow…


A preincubator to create assets that serve your own needs.

An intention of this email is to prime you for an experience launching soon. Ethos, pathos, logos, and kairos are the ways I will attempt to appeal to your attention.Ethos (ethics)A Fortune 100 company invited me to earn my financial designations through them…


The business plan is a project with five parts.

The intention is to cultivate ecosystems for spaces that improve outcomes for people, places, and things.0.1 of the business plan is basically a flow chart of the steps I can see based on the steps that led me here.The intention of the next versions are below…


Unit economics + ecosystem map [Design System v0.1]

The intention is to open ten spaces by 2025, and to stop growing once that goal is accomplished. Ten independent spaces owned and operated by their founders, and existing as a microcosm that shows its larger society what’s possible.One Unit = One SpaceThe pur…


"To be alive." A plan, perhaps.

That’s my investment thesis for The Fund that will support the opening of studios, labs, centers, and spaces that improve outcomes for people, places, and things around the world.Each commercial real estate project will be shaped into culturally relevant ecos…


There are new deals in your Safe.

I am starting a fund. The fund invests in people. People like you.I posted the first batch of new deals by packaging needs of the fund into products, or, investment vehicles.There are three rounds available in Q1 2022. First round is a priced round and is ava…


Is it possible to convert a life of debt into something more?

I created Safe as an experiment to convert the debt I accumulated over my life into something more. Perhaps, I will see failed experiments. Perhaps, I can live a life of prosperity. I am not sure how this will unfold. In this moment, I choose hope. Faith. Lov…