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Big Shift in Direction. Are you with ME? - Building in public my first Course & Challenge.

Big Shift in Direction. Are you with ME? - Building in public my first Course & Challenge.
By Dániel Marthi • Issue #9 • View online
I’ve been contemplating on this since May and now I made the decision. I’m shifting my focus and changing the direction of my side-hustle to something that is much closer to my heart.

The Story.
I’ve been a very positive and optimistic person my whole life. Every time I thought about making an online presence, the plan was that positivity & mindset would be at the center of that. Always seeing the beauty in anything is my “superpower”, and I always planned to share this with others.
Last year however I found Notion and managed to build a pretty cool side business around it, helping hundreds of people. My goal from the beginning was to create a great, all-in-one template to offer everything from the start. I achieved this with Limitless OS, and now I feel that I’m ready for my next challenge.
So now, starting today, I’m building in public my first course & challenge, that will help people get unstuck, be more present & become more positive.
What About Notion?
Don’t worry, it is not going anywhere. I will still offer support for my Limitless OS template, and I’ll still work on making it better.
The only change is that I’ll not actively build my Notion business further with new templates, website, blog & so on.
The Plan.
I first came up with this idea back in May. I put my thoughts on paper and even started working on a presentation.
However, I decided not to pursue this plan yet, as I didn’t want to leave my Notion hustle unfinished. So then, I started working on Limitless OS 2.0.
But now, having a finished and polished product, one that I’m proud of, I feel that I’m ready for the next chapter.
My initial thoughts from 6 months ago
My initial thoughts from 6 months ago
Part of the Presentation I created #1
Part of the Presentation I created #1
Part of the Presentation I created #2
Part of the Presentation I created #2
How will this affect You?
You are receiving emails from me because you either bought a template from me in the past or subscribed to my Limitless Notion newsletter. This means that you are here because you are interested in Notion-related content.
Now this Newsletter that you are on, will change. Notion-related content will be dialed down, and for the next couple of weeks, the main story will be my upcoming Course & Challenge.
Basically, starting today, instead of Notion, you will receive self-growth-related content.
You didn’t sign up for this, and I understand if you are not interested in my new journey. You always have the option to unsubscribe, but you must know, that at launch, ALL of my subscribers will receive FREE access to my course & challenge.
Let's embark on this Journey Together
I don’t know where are you from, or what you’re doing, but one thing I do know. In today’s chaotic world, after years of Covid, war, the energy crisis, and the very probable upcoming financial crisis, we can all use a little positivity & perspective.
If you stay with me, I promise I’ll do my best to always deliver high-quality content.
This is it for now. I’ll come back soon with more details. Until then, if you choose to stay, I encourage you to also follow me on Twitter to always be up to date with everything!
Thank you again so much for being here, and if you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, don’t be shy. Send me an email or DM me on Twitter.
Daniel Marthi
About my new #buildinginpublic project.

In this thread, I'll show you the details I have about my upcoming course and challenge.

Showing you what I know and what I have yet to figure out.

#buildinpublic Update #1

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