By Dan Hugo

Various topics of the day, whichever day, from home or abroad, about this and that and the other thing. Engineer in Las Vegas, working on a variety of cool projects; Maker of Friends, Friend of Makers. Answers to most pronouns, you can call me Al.

Various topics of the day, whichever day, from home or abroad, about this and that and the other thing.
Engineer in Las Vegas, working on a variety of cool projects; Maker of Friends, Friend of Makers. Answers to most pronouns, you can call me Al.

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Now We Are Cooking - Self.Newsletter - Issue #31

Last week (the week of 15 November 2021) was a busy one, with my effort to get networking breakfasts moving (two meetings with Bootstrappers Breakfast, plus an actual breakfast meetup to talk about breakfast meetups here in Vegas, if that isn’t too meta), not…


Get Moving - Self.Newsletter - Issue #30

Have you moved lately? It had been eight years since I last moved, but there was a time when I moved every year. Not only during the school years in college (good preparation), but each of my first few years of my first sentence in Silicon Valley was a move t…


Let me be Brief - Self.Newsletter - Issue #29

The vast audience consuming this newsletter knows all too well that I often go down multiple roads, and they are often long and winding. If only you knew how deep that rabbit hole goes.This week, though, is the official commencement of my Vegas reboot, which …


Shall We Begin? - Self.Newsletter - Issue #28

Have you ever noticed that whenever there is a short week (a Monday or Friday holiday of some kind, or Thursday+Friday, etc), the week before and the week after can sometimes fall under the short week excuse scheme, allowing for as much slack as possible in a…


Moved-in-ish! Self.Newsletter - Issue #27

I had not even received photos of the new place, despite my asking for them, so it was a minor surprise to open the door and check it out. The distance and path between where I was able to park the U-Haul and where the apartment itself is, well, it paid off t…


Moving is Fun and Easy, Moving is Fun and Easy, Moving is Fun and Easy Self.Newsletter - Issue #26

The day has arrived, and come Monday afternoon I shall commence loading the truck to move back to Las Vegas. This time is fairly straightforward, since the truck size is the same and I barely moved anything already-boxed, so a simple rewind scrub should suffi…


Is there a Worst Business Bureau? Self.Newsletter - Issue #25

These are first world problems, to be sure, but if I may also quote John McClane:Oh man, I can't f***ing believe this. Another basement, another elevator. How can the same thing happen to the same guy twice?Okay, here’s the situation, I had that no-cause non-…


Reminders are Good, Lest we Forget... Self.Newsletter - Issue #24

As I have mentioned in recent weeks, my relocation gap in Vegas (a no-cause non-renewal notice surprised me after eight years in the same place, found a new place the day after I received said notice, but not available until, well, 19 October or some 50 days …


What will tomorrow bring? Fingers crossed... Self.Newsletter - Issue #23

I could have included “Manic” in there, yes, but not everything needs to be a song reference.I've got another three weeks to spend in Phoenix, Arizona, so here are a couple of things I'm up to passing the time (no, wait, bear with me):Searching for gigsFinall…


Moving is Neither Fun nor Easy - Self.Newsletter - Issue #22

I was supposed to move out of my humble abode of 8 long years on Labor Day, 6 September 2021, after having received 60 days notice of a No-Cause Non-Renewal. The market in Vegas being what it is (or was 2-3 months ago, anyway), I believe they wanted to reset …


Self.Newsletter - Issue #21

I haven't relocated my residence in just about 8 years now, so it's been fun and informative to discover what works and what does not (so easily) nowadays. In a tech-centric world one might think that some of these things can be handled online with some ease.…


The Self.Newsletter - Issue #20

I decided to consolidate two newsletters (Substack + Revue) for my personal social media avoidance efforts, into one, hosted and sent by Twitter-owned Revue (you are here). Here are some things to consider moving forward:I don't have a lot of subscribers, and…


Merging is Good... The Thursday Newsletter - Issue #19

I've been maintaining two newsletters per week for this personal presence, plus three podcasts. Splitting the content between two newsletters (for the podcasts, the Substack newsletter served as a "show notes" announcement and placement, the end-of-week Revue…


The Thursday Newsletter - Issue #18

If you've wondered over to the Buy Me a Coffee profile page with links and other details about this and that, you know that I've been giving the double newsletter approach the old college try for a few weeks now. Not only this Dan Hugo content (riveting, yes)…


The Thursday Newsletter - Issue #17

I have mixed feelings about the Thursday Newsletter, but something tells me the group of people who might consider such things is very, very small. As I move toward self-hosted self-publication (where "self-hosted" is slightly misleading if I'm using somethin…


The Thursday Newsletter - Issue #16

Technically it's about 33 days until the drop-dead move-out date (31 days until the end of lease) until I need to be purged, packed, and pressing on to parts beyond Nevada for a spell. My current spot has been that for the longest contiguous time span since I…


The Thursday Newsletter - Issue #15

Back in May, when mitigation measures were relaxed in Nevada and decisions about how to proceed were left to each county, I began sharing local news posts to my Twitter account as the predictable began to occur... rate increases in test positivity, hospitaliz…


The Thursday Newsletter - Issue #14

As I write this issue of the Thursday Newsletter, I hear my upstairs neighbor trudging around, back and forth, as usual. Each morning there's a loud thud, which I've likened to a dumbbell rolling off the bed, possibly off of the person, when the alarm goes of…


The Thursday Newsletter - Issue #13

No matter how we slice it, the trading of a big re-opening of the Vegas economy is not conducive to decreasing covid-19 numbers without far more fully-vaccinated people (local and visiting) wandering The Strip and elsewhere. I have to be honest, I’m more than…


The Thursday Newsletter - Issue #12

Surprising no one nowhere, Las Vegas (and Nevada, but definitely Las Vegas) us putting up some good growth when it comes to COVID-19 test positivity, hospitalizations, and worse. Who could have seen this coming?