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The Thursday Newsletter - Issue #6

Dan Hugo
Dan Hugo
Thursday already, and that means it’s Newsletter Time!

Active Podcaster Alert
I may have mentioned this at some point, but I used to be a podcaster, and I am one again. Here is what was up once upon a time:
I lived in Sunnyvale, California, and took a Leadership Sunnyvale course, which was very interesting. Among other things, we learned that the largest not-big city on the peninsula (so, right behind San Jose if that’s on the peninsula, and San Francisco which is definitely on the peninsula), was Sunnyvale. With all of that that population, though, our city did not have any local media (or a lot of other things), and so one of my classmates and I aimed to change that with what we dubbed, Radio Sunnyvale.
We had multiple shows, and I did such interesting episodes as, interviewing local business owners (including CEOs of reasonably-sized companies), interviewing local government officials (city manager, city council, candidates for office, others), and I visited the local cold weather shelter to interview people staying there in the winter. I also interviewed the people of Sunnyvale to learn more about the people living around us there.
I had my Zoom H2 and a couple of Shure microphones, and I would set them up right at your desk or at a table in a coffee shop. For call-in support I had a virtual phone number (through Vonage) and anyone could leave a voice mail, which I would play for my guest, and they could answer. Pretty cool, all things considered.
Nowadays, everybody has a podcast, and even people who don’t probably have a show somewhere that they don’t yet know about. A lot of good, interesting stuff out there, and then there are my shows, which still need some work, but they’re coming along.
One of the three shows I have in production currently is actually a show I co-host with my mother… I know what you’re going to say, but before you do, she’s been podcasting more than I did back then, and more recently. There are some projects that will see the light of day soon, which will benefit from having their own respective media presence (audio and maybe video), so at the very least these are fine practice.
Want to know where they are? Statistics say you do not, but let us skew the numbers! I am updating my Buy Me a Coffee profile page with newsletter and podcast links, and soon other relevant project links, etc. The projects themselves are (in many but not all cases… as you will see some day) are the revenue generators, but if one does not ask, one does not get, and so you are welcome to contribute to my coffee fund while you’re checking out the links, and if you check back from time to time you’ll see what’s been added. Everybody wins! And yes, actual coffee (beans, most likely) will come of any inflows, but you are not obligated to do anything but glance at the links now and then…
DanHugo is Making Podcasts, Streams, and Technology Projects, and more...
Let the Keto Begin!
I mentioned this previously, but now is the time to re-join the keto generation along with my reasonably-priced gym membership. At long last, the neighborhood walking can be augmented with proper exercise in a gymnasium (including walking to and from, though only about 30% the distance I once walked to and from the 24 Hour Fitness, some 5km away) and, as I had learned through my own experimentation and research, a ketogenic diet.
Are you getting back into the swing now that the pandemic has come to an early (some might say premature) end? As I am not a medical professional, I don’t offer advice to people concerning their diet or nutrition or exercise, but I did write about my own experiences, which I shared contemporaneously on Medium.
Danny DeKeto Part vii. It has been well over a year since my… | by Dan Hugo (แดน) | Medium
You’re probably not seeing a useful image to go along with that link, which is the the most recent (Sept 2020) addition to the series, which I need to update once I get back to a respectable serum ketone level, but my own menus and practices and useful links and whatnot are all in the various posts. If you find any of that useful, great! Not advice at all, merely for entertainment.
Not Ready Player Two
Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment, but I’m presently listening to Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline (audio books and walking/workouts go well together, mostly) and it is awful. I’m not kidding. The pop culture references are cringe-worthy, and so forced. Frankly I’m waiting for one of the characters to refer to the Ready Player One movie in the context of the story, which seems like something this author would do.
Logo Time
I need to make a logo, made up of an icon suitable for favicon, touchicon, and placement on something like a business card and perhaps letterhead as easily as on web pages. Simple, high contrast. Should I make it indicate the nature of the foundation it is for (this is for CasaNunzia), or should it be visually appealing without any specific relation to the foundation’s mission or meaning? I’m leaning toward the latter, but I also have no detectable aesthetic abilities, nor any of the skills required to fashion even a simple logo icon without copying and pasting vector shapes… drawing or other creativity are out, unless I find a willing collaborator to toss some ideas around.
Thanks for Reading!
I’m enjoying a return to writing without the weirdness of Facebook, and I hope that you reading this are getting something out of it (whether it’s the Thursday Newsletter here, or the Substack edition on Mondays with a more creative subject line title and the How Funny section!
You can subscribe, or you can read online, you’re welcome to share and forward as you like, and if you’d like to check in on the link farm I’m cultivating with pointers to the projects keeping me busy (a growing list, as one might expect from farming), you’re welcome to take a glance here any time you like, with no obligation to actually add to the Coffee Fund.
Since I already included an embedded link above, I’ll just relink here inline for your convenience. You can Buy Dan a Coffee or not, but this is where the link hub is for now.
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Dan Hugo
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