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The Thursday Newsletter - Issue #17

Dan Hugo
Dan Hugo
Better late than later

It was a warm and humid Thursday...
I have mixed feelings about the Thursday Newsletter, but something tells me the group of people who might consider such things is very, very small. As I move toward self-hosted self-publication (where “self-hosted” is slightly misleading if I’m using something like AWS, but more self-hosted than at present anyway), the notion of multiple newsletters from multiple sources will morph into topic-oriented newsletters from a single source, and even then we’ll start off slowly with a multi-topic newsletter and see where that goes.
In the mean time, as I prepare to move, I’m avoiding the daytime humidity and increased ozone where I can here in Vegas, heading out to gym at night as usual. Having lived for nearly 2 decades in Phoenix, I am not new to the exciting world of desert heat and monsoon humidity, but when huge fires and a global pandemic are added to the mix, it’s a little weird.
They did it, I'm sort of impressed
When I did live in Phoenix more recently (2001-2005), I used to be amazed and impressed at the amount of water people used on their lawns, their pools, and so on. Phoenix is in the Central Arizona Project (as are the voters and the money) so water doesn’t seen as rare there as it does in, say, Tucson, or Flagstaff, or where farms and people are, so I think there might be a sense of “we have plenty of water, what is there to worry about here in the desert?” while people elsewhere are limiting or outright halting water usage.
Well today I checked out my normal local news outlet (not the best, but for consistency I do include the Channel 8 news website in my local read, along with a few others) and right there on the homepage, they call out the individuals who are using massive amounts of water for what seem to be non-commercial applications. That is, these aren’t water parks or water fountain shows (which, by the way, are supposed to use residential-equivalent amounts of water and they can use impotable water in those purple pipes you might see here and there, though I have not checked to see if that is the case here in Clark County), but residences and, in many cases, “compounds” protecting the local rich and infamous.
I-Team: Top water users in the Las Vegas valley revealed | KLAS
An actual list of names of people (or families and their large contingent of on-site staff, one might hope?) using more than 1 Million gallons of water each year (this being the Channel 8 website, the continue to be lazy and sometimes even pathetic when it comes to reporting details, like units, so the table is millions of gallons of water, you’ll need to dig around to check me on the time interval).
So I applaud this disclosure, I think more people who take advantage of shared resources in short supply such as water should be called out for waste when scarcity is a more intense problem now than ever. How much of that water should be going to farming and life in general for we little people? The unwashed masses, literally…
Makes reading headlines like this troubling, as though maybe the first cuts should apply to ALL of the biggest users of water according to actual need:
Arizona farmers will be first to feel effects of mandatory water cuts in the West | KLAS
Mask Up
Las Vegas is still showing some high test positivity and hospitalization (not to mention case fatalities) due to covid-19, but we’re hitting a plateau and maybe even a bit of a dip, which means the county commission meeting on 17 August will no doubt include chanting and demonstrating focused on lifting all mitigation mandates. They will probably cave, which is disappointing. I liken this stuff to a residential fire, where the fire looks like it might be out, so there is rejoicing and life moves on, until those embers re-ignite the fire, and a cycle begins… except that professional fire fighters know how that works, while politicians and business owners are not inclined to go with science. That’s how it looks from here, anyway.
My twitter thread beginning 17 May on Vegas Covid, for your amusement (any my own minor editorial commentary in there):
Dan Hugo (雨果丹)(แดน) on Twitter: "If Masks and Vaccines don't work, maybe these slight reductions are the results of pure politics? Must be. Luckily kids are headed back to school with more arguments about mitigations for them, let's keep an eye on these numbers, still..."
We Live in a Twilight World
I’ve still been using Instagram, more for glancing at posts from others than posting my own pics (though I have posted a couple). If you’re not using Tik Tok, though, you’re not on the radar… even news outlets cover Tik Tok posts as though they are actual news, which I find hilarious.
The illusion of connection is tiring to me, how about you? Do you follow your friends and family out of curiosity, a desire to remain “in touch” with them, or boredom? Are you more inclined to pick a fight over vaccines or your favorite political party, or re-share a missing person post without reading it, rather than using these tools for actual interaction?
It is time for change.
Thanks for your support
By “support” I mean passive consumption of this newsletter and other works you might find on my Buy Me a Coffee profile, which I use as a link hub outside of my personal and other projects. An “out of band” channel for such info.
You can also reply to the newsletters, or you could be a guest on a podcast, or maybe some other possibilities as more things unfold. You should not feel obligated to spend any money there at BMaC, but it’s there if you feel the need to spread some caffeine around.
Those people also created a competitor, which I have tried out and while it is completely usable, it is not really so special. For now, it’s another set of vectors
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