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The Thursday Newsletter - Issue #15

Dan Hugo
Dan Hugo
Math is hard, a reminder.

Mask Up, Vegas!
Back in May, when mitigation measures were relaxed in Nevada and decisions about how to proceed were left to each county, I began sharing local news posts to my Twitter account as the predictable began to occur… rate increases in test positivity, hospitalization, and mortality should have been expected, but rather than surprise, there was the continued push for a Return to Normal, with Resort World opening at the end of June with a huge party to celebrate, and of course the 4th of July weekend of fireworks and maskless fun.
The entire thread on Twitter continues to grow, a point-in-time link here is to an article suggesting that people who get vaccinated may receive a $100 cash incentive. This is the state of affairs.
As someone who stayed in, laid low, and generally did my part (including volunteering at a vaccination pod in January/February 2021… hang on while I pat my own vaccinated back), I find the present situation at once ridiculous, and predictable. Getting this sorted will require far too many people to pay attention to science rather than their facebook feed and their political leanings, and thus I am not hopeful.
I’ll leave my frustrations here for the week.
Relocation Gap
As I’ve mentioned, I am moving! Unfortunately I move out on September 6 or so, and move in to the new place later in October, which means I get to go on vacation for a few weeks. A throw-back to my post-fire days, perhaps, though I prefer to recall my 5-weeks visit to Ireland as my first trip abroad while working with Intel a while back.
The no-cause non-renewal notice is almost certainly about getting rid of a long-time tenant in favor of one looking for a more expensive place to live that my renewal rate is (er, was). The timing was just about perfect and I managed to find a place the same day I discovered that I would be moving come the end of my current lease in September, for only about 10% more than I was going to be paying for my current abode if they had honored the renewal offer (this is the eyebrow-raising disappointment about the company running my current complex, but that will fade into the background by the time I move out).
So I get to be technically homeless again for a few weeks, which is closer to the post-fire scenario than to the long visit to Dublin. As I’ve said before a few times, while I do not wish the chaos of a house fire on anyone (and as there were no injuries resulting in this case, I can only look on the whole thing in some pedagogical way with positive lighting), I had less than 60 seconds to exit my home back in 2013, here I have 60 days, and then a few weeks that I’m sorting out (a visit to Phoenix is just about a 100% likelihood), the logistics of interim storage, purging the old stuff, etc.
The new place is slightly larger, has several features that will almost certainly be an improvement to the issues I’ve had with my current abode for at least half of my time served here, and it’s 0.6 miles closer to the gym (which, for the purposes of the walking component of exercise, is actually a negative…). Come the end of October I will most probably add to the content creation mix, but we’ll get into that later.
For now, add packing and moving to the to-do list for the duration…
Personal Branding 2021...
I’ve also mentioned previously that I’ve substantially reduced my social media footprint for 2021, uninstalling mobile applications (relying on web browser interfaces, mobile and desktop) and in some cases deleting accounts as I reclaim at least some ownership of my stuff.
My plans include something like:
  • My tumblr-ish publishing platform that I’ve been pondering for years
  • Use of my long-standing pro Flickr account for photo sharing, shying away from Instagram except maybe for a post now and then.
  • Replacing of Substack and Revue (this newsletter platform) with self-hosted engagement, basically a listserv that I can publish to from my tumblr-ish platform, which doesn’t seem to be easy with Substack and Revue (they both work, but are not in keeping with my goals to own more of the chain).
  • Deployment of a real messaging platform, and their Synapse server coupled with Element, for example, in my sphere of self-publication.
  • Deployment of a non-Zoom platform for hosting and capturing podcasts and streams and whatnot (Jitsi? Seems like a likely starting point).
I’m not completely thrilled with for pushing out podcast episodes and shows, YouTube has its obvious issues, Twitter is getting old… basically, I would like to see the content in the hands of its creators and the distribution via whatever channel, rather than handing over everything and then dealing with feature limitations and policy changes and whatnot. On the list.
Buy Me a Coffee
Speaking of self-hosting and self-publishing, my Buy Me a Coffee profile and occasional post about coffee is useful, but is another example of handing over control for convenience. I like out-of-band publication of my lists of projects and podcasts and whatnot, and if someone wants to buy me a coffee to support the caffeinated effort, that’s great. BMaC just launched their service, which is similar to or to a lesser extent. I’ve set up my to give it a try, and ultimately other out-of-band vectors like BMaC and this new thing, and even social media platforms, are useful to point back to my own stuff, but handing over everything to other platforms is tired and in need of some disruption.
Multiverse? How about multihost? Take back the net, I say!
Dan Hugo | Bio Link
Dan Hugo | Buy Me a Coffee
Podcasts and Newsletters and such
For the time being the podcasts are published via and the newsletters like this one are published via Substack and Revue, and they are linked in that BMaC profile above. When they change, that list will be updated (the upside of out-of-band, it’s there regardless of the things it’s pointing to). If you’d like to give the existing collection of things a listen or a read, that would be great! If you want to keep track as more things get added (I can think of 2 more podcast shows and eventually the consolidation of effort to self-hosted tools as I’ve described above), that would also be great. If you want to buy me a coffee, well don’t feel obligated to, but I will absolutely spend proceeds from BMaC on coffee beans and supplies (as I already have).
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