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Dan Hugo
Dan Hugo
We’re going the wrong way

Those numbers do not look good
No matter how we slice it, the trading of a big re-opening of the Vegas economy is not conducive to decreasing covid-19 numbers without far more fully-vaccinated people (local and visiting) wandering The Strip and elsewhere. I have to be honest, I’m more than a bit concerned about this stuff, and I’ve been fully vaccinated since February 2021.
I have been adding to my twitter thread on this topic since Las Vegas began to lift safe measures in mid-May 2021. You can follow along if you like, and remember that this is a link to a point in the thread (it will continue to grow after this has issue is sent out and posed to Revue, and you can always jump to its beginning).
We’re Moving?
I didn’t know this could be done so easily, especially after 8 years living in the same place, but I’ve received a 60-Day No-Cause Non-Renewal Notice from the apartment complex in which I’ve lived for so long. While this is somewhat jarring (I assume they want more rent from a new tenant, or they want to update my current abode without me in it… they literally gave no reason when I asked), I recall back in April 2013, when I had 60 seconds (or less) to depart my home, which was on fire at the time. The reason I moved to Las Vegas, in fact.
Luckily, there wasn’t quite the same challenge finding a new place to land as there was back then (my search in Silicon Valley for a new place to live demonstrated the joys of a seller’s market, to be sure). On receiving the news (actually, I was told this by the leasing manager of the month in the ever-changing leasing office, when I was there to renew my lease for the coming year), I checked online, walked over to the other complex (different company) that I had looked at 8 years ago (it’s .65 miles away, or about 1km), had a nice chat with the leasing manager about my first visit there so long ago, and later in the day filled in their online rental application.
The next day (so 24 hours after my news bomb) I received the follow-up to complete the application, submitted the remaining info, and by 2pm I was approved. I can’t say that things have gone smoothly over recent years, but this was definitely a load off my mind as we get CasaNunzia rolling, among other things.
Not a fan of how this was handled where I live at present, but not everybody is as friendly as we are, right?
Feel the burn...
I alluded to this in the Monday newsletter, and then I came across this article in Lifehacker:
What Kind of Burnt Out Are You? (And Why It Matters)
Who hasn’t found themselves a bit tired after All of This for 2020 right up to the present? Some people are traveling and throwing caution to the wind, which I find frustrating (I’ve said that many times and will probably repeat myself again), while others are getting their kids back on track from home-schooling and getting their own worlds sorted with different WFH scenarios and whatnot. Even if the pandemic really was over, the questions linger.
The article I’ve linked to there is not groundbreaking, but it was a bit of a prompt to ponder, especially as I wrote this section with that link prior to learning that I’m moving… while I would say that efficacy and cynicism are my two factors to adjust after the last 18 months of whatever that was, this surprise relocation event without fire is a nice jump start to proactive engagement and focused execution.Surely I will be better off for re-factoring my belongings yet again as I decide which will go with me to the new place.
So how you doin’ ?
Consolidation of Platforms
I’ve mentioned this in a podcast or two: technology that works for us is something I’ve been missing. Both Substack and Revue are usable newsletter platforms for free, for examples, but why not integrate a newsletter into a platform I can control for myself? Take my wishlist and all that I’ve learned and do some more hackery…
Similar view when it comes to for podcasts… as a channel of distribution, Anchor is okay, but if we zoom (no pun intended) in on features and functionality, I would say it’s good enough but not great. It will drop down to secondary in coming weeks.
I still think the Tumblr scheme for content publishing is interesting, especially for a personal blog (or whatever we’re calling these nowadays), where posts are minimal objects like text or links or audio, but with a more diverse set of types that can then be assembled into newsletters or stories or whatever else comes to mind.
What if the entire item catalog could be stored and rendered as individual items (in keeping with the item-per-url aim of or compiled into an Amp Story (meh) or a less google-ish story presentation, or a newsletter, or an RSS/Atom feed, or whatever else comes to mind, in addition to a plain old article page. Publishing two newsletters for my own content (this one and the one on Substack) has been a nice refresher and a bit of an education, I’m looking forward to applying what I’ve learned here.
Stay tuned!
Coffee and Projects
I have maintained a Buy Me a Coffee profile for a couple of months now, another experiment as well as a reasonable out-of-band place to post links to newsletters, podcasts, and other projects as they come online. Not quite as ubiquitous as Patreon, but I find them to be a little bit too opinionated. BMaC feels smaller and just as capable, give or take.
That said, if you are interested in that list of links to what goes on (and what will be going on if you check back now and then), you can visit this profile page. Surely I’ll mention new items via newsletter and other means, but a public source of truth is at
Does this mean you are obligated in some way to actually Buy Dan a Coffee?
While the suggestive name may lead to some new and interesting coffee beans on my end, you are not obligated in any way to add to the caffeine supply. I am more of a software engineer than a content creator, and would rather make money from my profession than from my hobby, no matter how much they may appear to intersect.
Artwork Attribution
Photo by Michal Balog on Unsplash
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Dan Hugo
Dan Hugo @DanHugo

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Engineer in Las Vegas, working on a variety of cool projects; Maker of Friends, Friend of Makers. Answers to most pronouns, you can call me Al.

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