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The Thursday Newsletter - Issue #11

Dan Hugo
Dan Hugo
Up, Up, and Away!

I can't say I didn't see this coming
We’re right around the 45-day mark here in Las Vegas, since the process of “returning to normal” commenced with relaxation and then removal of occupancy limits, mask requirements, and so on, as the pandemic comes to an end!
That’s the most recent (30 June) additional post to a thread I began on May 17, as a sort of line in the sand. If you visit that twitter link you should be able to see the thread going back to May, as the masks and distancing went away and crowd sizes grew and grew and grew. So have the positive tests. Bonus points if you examine data and trends from 1 year ago. We know it’s been Hot, looks like it might also be Long, this Summer…
Crime Crime Crime
I live in the City of Las Vegas proper (the world-famous Strip is not actually in Las Vegas, if you’re wondering), and while the whole place is perfect for the next superhero movie (we got crime, no doubt, and it certainly feels like it, too, is on the rise in 2021), we are getting some outreach in the last days regarding an uptick in my area, with automobile thefts and other property crimes. I’m hoping they don’t turn it up to violence and worse.
The CrimeMapping website is the official police blotter for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, and I have to say, the reports we’re getting on the ground and the reporting there is showing a bit of a gap. This has happened before, but I attempted to contact the North Area Command and the desk sergeant was not at all happy at getting questions about public disclosures. So… duck and cover.
Side note: at around 2am on 30 June, I commenced my walk to the gym and saw one set of red and blue rollers at the strip mall across the street, two more having pulled a car over a block away (visible), a few cruisers driving around laying low, and at Elkhorn several cruisers with lights and sirens headed somewhere. Tonight I’ll head over earlier, but we must always keep our heads on a swivel around here. As I am preparing this newsletter issue late on 30 June, I have heard sirens outside more than once. Hmm.
Side Note 2: On heading to the gym just after midnight today, I encountered a whole mess of police, people talking and gawking, cars parked all over (presumably out of the way of the engagement nearby), and there is a “crime stopper” camera rig set up on the corner of the street (portable police trailer with an extended vertical tower housing cameras and radios).
Metro searching for suspect in NW valley armed robbery | KLAS
Breaking Up With SWA
I’ve already covered the tale of my most recent and final Southwest Airlines flight, returning to LAS from PHX. You can give it a listen if you’re not already subscribed to the Hugo Floss podcast (this is a link to the Show Notes Newsletter, link to the show inside, along with some, uh, notes):
We also talked about weather mats and heavy doors and other things that can be a challenge to negotiate even if you’re not using a cane or walker or wheelchair, but the other kind of trip, by air, comes in the beginning. Give it a listen, and subscribe even!
My goal is to close my Southwest Rapid Rewards account, which is really my only recourse at this point. Given their ineptitude handing their passengers, and their various administrative issues getting planes into the air on time if at all, I say good riddance!
Well, I will say that as soon as possible. If you’re a Rapid Rewards member, log in to your account and try to find anywhere a mention of closing your account. You cannot. There is no way to close your account. Even if you call their voice number shown in your profile (to make changes to your profile, call this number… it’s their main number anyway), if you need to close your account you’re going to have to call Dallas…
This is more disappointment, but I have to say, since I first started flying SWA some time after August 1989 between ONT and PHX (that is, the college years), I have not liked it. Now that I’ve taken the FlixBus between Vegas and Phoenix, I can say that SWA is on par (though more expensive). I have a kindle, I’m fine with taking some time to read and relax.
Having flown more than 100 segments per year when I was traveling for Intel, I am completely comfortable with long flights, layovers, and the challenges of passenger life… unfortunately, people who fly SWA are not, and in my case, I suppose I was lucky the trash family I encountered was all talk and no brains. Southwest, though, has no excuse, and so we are done.
I added a few named projects to the list of same at my Buy Me a Coffee profile… a page I’m using as a one-stop shop across podcasts, newsletters, and elsewhere to list some links to all of those and to the websites and applications that will eventually see the light of day…
Needless to say, caffeine makes all of this possible, so the BMaC hub is a convenient place to set out the tip jar (I sometimes say I am reading from the “you don’t ask, you don’t get” page of the manual for life, or that I live in a city that is powered by gratuities)… though there is no obligation at all to throw any coins into the bean fund.
If you wander over to that profile (one click away), and if you revisit that profile now and then, you will see what the current state of affairs is for various endeavors. I think we’ll probably add a CasaNunzia podcast at some point, and there is always a need for more websites which is not my favorite thing (I’ll code python and SQL all day, but HTML and Javascript, less please).
Keeping the shameless self-promotion in a central place off-site (that is, not as part of a blog directly) is on purpose, though some of that info will almost certainly be updated or expounded upon in the form of blog posts or a portfolio presentation, etc. As I’ve often mentioned, as a software engineer my revenue goals are centered on the coding projects, with the newsletters and podcasts and whatnot more of a social media pivot (eg less Facebook, more self-publishing).
So I thank you for reading this newsletter, especially if you’re already a subscriber, and I thank you in advance for having a look at the links to other stuff on that profile, and if you’d like to subscribe or be a guest or participate in general, or if you are following the eventual launch of any of the coding projects (in some cases after a lifetime of internal pivots), you know where to look to get started.
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