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Dan Hugo
Dan Hugo
Strange, I don’t feel any older

Birthday Pinball Delayed
First, I had intended to head to the Pinball Hall of Fame at their new location near the infamous Las Vegas Sign, before I wrote the Thursday Newsletter for this week, but you know what we say about best laid plans. I hope to head down there on Friday afternoon after I sort out the various catch-up activities here at the homestead.
Southwest Airlines Exit
Unfortunately, I took a Southwest Airlines flight to Phoenix to visit the parents for the holiday weekend (Father’s Day + Birthdays for myself and my sister on Monday) and so for my birthday Southwest gave me a generally annoying experience, punctuated at the end by a passenger shoving and threatening me as we were deplaning, followed by his whole family berating me at the gate, and Southwest did nothing. Thus endith my patronizing that airline, which is fine given their population of 737 MAX aircraft anyway. Completely disappointed, but I guess it’s good to end my dealings with the flixbus of the air on a low note.
Next time, JSX!
Two Years...
Speaking of Father’s Day, my dad is doing much better than he was two years ago when he was getting discharged from the hospital in Phoenix with a rather dismal prognosis. My mom does not give up so easily, though, and so we had a nice dinner out for the combined celebration over the weekend, and Dad is doing much better than the doctors predicted. The take-home, as I review the email I sent to my mom and sister two years ago today, is to become as informed as possible about whatever you’re told you have and use all of the answer-seeking tools at your disposal to research the path you’re going to take.
When I had returned home from my emergency visit to Phoenix, I cracked open the search engines and read all of the articles and studies and definitions and really, the prognosis was unnecessarily dire. My guess, the doctors and surgeons didn’t want to go down a path with non-optimal returns, but when we look back and consider how he got to where he is now and the willingness to throw in the towel on someone who was clearly capable of a return to a nearly-normal life if given the opportunity to take that challenge.
Anyway, in the words of the crew of The Protector,
Never Give Up, Never Surrender
Self-host, Self-publish
I do not intend to ditch the newsletters (this one, and the one sent via Substack), but I do intend to make my own platform the primary source for these publications soon. I have found that services like Substack, Revue, Anchor, and many others, are interesting within their implementation choices, but so often those choices are not the ones I would make, and if you have the facilities to assemble or perhaps design and build your own tools, workflows, and outcomes, I say Go For It!
To that end, I’m making a concerted effort now to take what I’ve learned about what works and what does not for things like blogging (remember that?), newsletters, social media, automation, and a few other things, to build into my own notion of a platform for engagement.
No, this is not about a vanity website from which to send newsletters (though that does appear to be one of the application goals… avoiding Facebook has been so nice that the thought of posting original content there is abhorrent to me at this point), but given some of the other “real” projects on deck for the near term, engagement tools are a non-trivial part and they should not be handed off wholesale to third parties, in my opinion. The capacity to compose and engage natively is paramount, with third party services secondary or backup.
This is yet another topic that you will read or hear more about, to be sure.
Thanks for Reading!
As the saying goes, if you send out a newsletter and nobody reads it, did it make a sound? You tell me!
Please feel free to subscribe to this newsletter and to forward to your friends. To be honest, I am hoping these will all be more interesting as the other software projects roll out, but for now the return of longer-form blogging and email newsletters has been a nice throwback to simpler times, and I thank you for taking part (even if you’re only reading the public web page version of this newsletter, still counts).
I keep a profile page at Buy Me a Coffee for two reasons:
  1. It’s a simple, central place to create a list of links and other info regardless of the existence of other projects, including my eventual self-hosted blog/newsletter, etc.
  2. Yes, it is a place where one might contribute to the caffeine supply that powers all of these efforts.
My goal as an engineer is always to build cool things, and that is where I hope to generate profits (from what I suppose are now referred to as “lifestyle business” projects?). I’m not seeking big exits to pay off VCs (at this time), more to see if ideas work as conceived, and to make some bread while doing so.
So I’ll leave this here, you can find the newsletters and podcasts via links, and if you return to this page you’ll see what gets added over time, and if you want to buy some beans, that is where any proceeds generated here actually go (or perhaps to coffee-making tools, other coffee-related supplies, etc).
Have a great weekend, until next time!
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