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Moved-in-ish! Self.Newsletter - Issue #27

Dan Hugo
Dan Hugo
Not quite half-way just yet

First things first
I had not even received photos of the new place, despite my asking for them, so it was a minor surprise to open the door and check it out. The distance and path between where I was able to park the U-Haul and where the apartment itself is, well, it paid off to do all that walking during the pandemic lock down times (and before, and after), because yipes, it was a lot.
As I type this, a few things are barely setup (internet connectivity and computer, bed, coffee grinder) and there is much to do, not to mention the volume of stuff in storage. More than I moved in, which frightens me somewhat. For Dr. Who fans out there, I sort of wish I had rented a TARDIS at this point, but where there is a will, there is a stack of stuff behind another stack of stuff.
I should deal with the stored stuff in the next 10 days or so, and luckily I have nothing but free time and free energy to spend moving more objects from there to here. Neither of those things is true.
Some Good Some Bad
As for the new place, well, I like the fact that there is a lot less carpet than a typical apartment, so I am hoping my allergies will appreciate the change (I think dust is a big factor, time will tell). As well, since my standing desk is on wheels, I can move it and a few other things around a bit more easily, so I can experiment with layout or maybe stow unused items in a corner, if there be a spare one.
The upgraded kitchen is a point of contention and a fact of life. It is technically upgrade, but in reality it is a normal kitchen that adds a few dollars to the rent, it is not a true selling point in my opinion. The high ceilings (11 feet!) and large walk-in closet are good.
The bad news is mostly about noise. While I cannot say that the walls are paper thin (they do not appear to be, despite some negative reviews online, though I will certainly take measurements as needed), I can say that the ceiling is not insulating me from an extremely exuberant dog (at least one) who apparently loves to try vertical jumping and laps around the place upstairs. Luckily the pup tires out after brief wind sprints. As well, this spot is much closer to Elkhorn Road, which is apparently a road that draws the occasional open-header road racer. That and a large open parking lot nearby (for the baseball diamond park out my window) which is home to some seriously competitive doughnut makers. The burning rubber kind.
Finally, the walk to the nearest grocery store, Smith’s (a Kroger store), is now not 0.6 miles as it was before, but merely across a street and parking lot. This makes for easier limited-item shopping, rather than lugging groceries for a few days back to the crystal palace. The transit center (what there is of it up here in the ’burbs) is a 4-minute walk, which will surely come in handy as I visit the more interesting Vegas spots via public transit.
The pros outweigh the cons, and I am generally optimistic about my personal Vegas reboot. Some discussions in coming days and maybe weeks should make the net that much more positive, so I will maintain focus there and turn up the music when my upstairs neighbor is working out. Not much I can do about the road noise, luckily they are already driving away.
How Funny
My usual smattering of YouTube stand-up links for your enjoyment. I had the pleasure of meeting Dwayne Perkins in person, as he is good friends with my former college roommate, Thuc, and so was a part of some Vegas festivities many years ago. He has only drown into his talent since those early days. I have also come to be a Michael Jr. fan as a result of the Algo, so points for that, and svelte Ron Funches with the same voice and style is still a bit of a trip…
Dwayne Perkins - Dry Bar Double Feature
Dwayne Perkins - Dry Bar Double Feature
More Than Funny Comedy Special | Michael Jr.
More Than Funny Comedy Special | Michael Jr.
The Meanest Type of Person - Ron Funches
The Meanest Type of Person - Ron Funches
Return to Podcasting...
You may or may not recall the various podcasts that I am a part of, listed on the Buy Me a Coffee profile page for easy one-stop reference. We have returned to the weekly Hugo Floss podcast, and new episodes of Quoggling Sand and FFS Talk are coming out in the next few days.
Still need to get guests interested in participation. I actually took part in a mini-sprint of sorts on Saturday (23 Oct 2021) and while it was not exactly a focused sprint, it was interesting to talk about project ideas and whatnot with people who were coming from different angles. This is what Quoggling Sand is about (beyond my telling random stories and talking about my own projects to my small-yet-growing audience). I need to figure out how to convince sprinters to participate in a chatroom-ish interaction with others in similar boats, working on their projects and interested in feedback, reviews, maybe an alpha test, or maybe just a distraction during break time.
As I have also mentioned, there will be some other productions kicking off to coincide with some of what I could call the bigger projects, if these I’ve mentioned here are not so big.
Join the Fun!
Supporting these efforts via that Buy Me a Coffee page is one way, if you would like to add caffeine to the fuel tank that keeps this train moving. That is not the only way (though I have recently kicked off supporter content on BMaC along the lines of a relevant project idea, keep that in mind).
You can also consider being a podcast guest on any or all of the shows linked on that BMaC profile page. Interacting with other people makes the world go around, especially if you are working on projects of your own. Let’s palaver! The FFS Talk show is more topic oriented, about what works and what does not work, and what can be done about it, if that floats your boat you jump right in there.
But wait, there’s more! Because as more projects kick off, whether podcasts or platforms or whatever, you can participate there as well. Think about it, and while you are thinking about it you can forward the subscription link for this newsletter to others who might be interested, and they can do all of these things as well. Like a shampoo commercial, they can also forward this to two friends, and so on.
Since Revue is a Twitter property, you can always start at my own Twitter feed, with the link to this very newsletter right at the top!
Light Reading
I mentioned checking out and/or placing holds on the audio book versions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and The Hobbit, from my local library, but I bailed because I have been listening to audio books (especially longer books like those) while out walking, and it became clear that these would be better-listened to in quiet with some focus. So I grabbed this one instead:
As always, that is not an affiliate link, click as you see fit. The book is not very good, if I’m being honest, with more of an anecdotal structure that meanders around the interesting stuff, filling in with too much minutia. That is, it is interesting that he was sitting in a room for hours, or that the guard was at a modified parade rest position with hands in front rather than rear, or the details about the utility truck following him home when his tire was shot out… these all could (and should) have been replaced with a bit more of the meat that we came for. Spill the tea on Element 115, dive deeper into that propulsion device you were messing with, give us more about the post-1989 goings-on, etc etc. Frankly, it was boring.
I did go through it twice, the second time while I was first unpacking in the new place, so I had some time to rest and listen to this wacky missive. I cannot say that I was ever a Lazar-believer, though certainly his story is interesting, especially given the Vegas-centric nature of it all. The forward is somewhat interesting, maybe the part of the book worth reading or listening to more than the rest.
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Photo by James Walsh on Unsplash
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