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Let me be Brief - Self.Newsletter - Issue #29

Dan Hugo
Dan Hugo
Busy week ahead, let us move!

The vast audience consuming this newsletter knows all too well that I often go down multiple roads, and they are often long and winding. If only you knew how deep that rabbit hole goes.
This week, though, is the official commencement of my Vegas reboot, which is probably an appropriate characterization. I have relocated my items from a storage unit some 17 miles south of my new residence, to a free month of U-Haul storage a mere 2 miles away, and I managed to cut down the amount of items in that storage unit by moving some things into the new place, or tossing a few items. Probably need to do more of the latter.
With a new place, continued unpacking and settling in, projects to get to, and a pandemic poised to return to the headlines, today we commence concerted efforts to code, code, and code! And maybe some non-code project work, but that might become more apparent for next week’s installment of this newsletter.
Buy Me a Coffee?
Not intended as a call to action, but do not let me stop you. I have mentioned several times that I use this website as an out-of-band place to publish some project links and the odd blog-ish post, and that remains the case.
DanHugo is Making Podcasts, Streams, Technology Projects, and more...
I recently added on a new project idea, which I am exposing to the small number of current supports via that website, and which is coffee-related. Closing the loop, I am. Does this mean that I’m actually pressing you into that call to action? Maybe, if you want to know what this new project idea is and you happen to be interested in coffee.
Either way, that is still a place to check out if you are at all interested in projects under the Dan Hugo flag.
How Funny
One funny special this week, which is arguably a demonstration how a stand-up comedian can tackle social issues in a humorous way without being divisive. Apropos? Maybe, but I shall endeavor to keep this section light and point you toward Darcy Michael’s special:
Darcy Michael Goes to Church
Darcy Michael Goes to Church
Light Reading
I started on this one while I was still in Arizona but I re-started it and then I interrupted myself with other reading and that whole Moving thing. This was actually interesting because there are some curious parallels between the formation of The United States of America, and the early days of The Internets (which was the focus of the Light Reading selection in last week’s newsletter), or really, the user-facing tools that have make The Internets what they are, for better or worse.
First Principles (book) - Wikipedia
As usual, this is not an affiliate link, though I will say that I have donated to Wikipedia and so this might be an endorsement of doing that, if you would like to take it that way.
Really interesting tidbits, a little bit of fuel to add to the Jefferson-was-bad fire (I am a fan of some of his work, but not so much a fan…), and as I suggest, some curious parallels with the formation of what we are now using today to do things like publish and consume this newsletter (and many more interesting things, of course). What would philosophers of old have thought of the internet of today, much less our government and society? Ponder.
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Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels
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