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Get Moving - Self.Newsletter - Issue #30

Dan Hugo
Dan Hugo
Enough moving boxes, time to move ideas…

Distraction Yipes
Have you moved lately? It had been eight years since I last moved, but there was a time when I moved every year. Not only during the school years in college (good preparation), but each of my first few years of my first sentence in Silicon Valley was a move to a different, sometimes better apartment or condo or whatever, with roommates, by myself, whatever, and, well, whatever. If you are in that headspace, moving does not take much of a mental toll. Eight years in once place, different story.
Now that I am settling in to the new spot in the old neighborhood up in Centennial Hills, Las Vegas, NV, US, a pile of projects, code, and ideas are stacked up higher than all of the many boxes I still need to break down and recycle. This can be frustrating, or exciting, depending on whether the pile is about to tip over.
Vegas Startup Scene
When I moved to Las Vegas back in August 2013, the Downtown Project was just blossoming into the chaos it would fully become, and I was able to meet a lot of people doing a lot of interesting things in short order. When I was hired on at Intel in January 2014, I was afforded an opportunity to meet a great many interesting people doing interesting things well beyond the self-imposed boundaries of the Downtown Project, and it was good.
By comparison, I found the Downtown Project effort to be a little bit of a mess. This was a result of a variety of things, what I have compared to The Last Mile problem, where actual execution by various startups and entrepreneurs and creative peoples of their ideas and plans was left to them, despite a lot of positivity before they arrived. I had kicked off one of my podcasts, FFS Talk (all links to podcasts and whatnot are on my Buy Dan a Coffee profile page!), talking about this problem, and it is a topic that I think is worth revisiting as a learning exercise.
The good news, there is something of a reboot going on with the startup scene. How tightly this next wave (I am calling it a reboot, some might argue that they are continuing along the same path they were since before the Downtown Project and the VegasTech Fund and whatnot, and I would say we’re both correct) is coupled to the thinking of this previous tech explosion epicentered downtown remains to be seen, but I have kicked off the same plan I had before, way back in 2013, getting out and meeting people doing their things to see what goes on.
One concern I have, which I am feeling out in these travels, is whether there is an over-fit on the VC Funding+Exit business pattern. I participated in an accelerator program hosted by my alma mater during the great lockdown of 2020, and on day one we were told by the main facilitator, that there are really only two choices when it comes to a startup, a legitimate plan for a successful exit for investors, or don’t bother. To me, this was disheartening.
I am hoping that this next wave of entrepreneurial characters (whether in tech or not) will not believe this type of thinking, and I am considering making my part of this, facilitating a Bootstrappers Breakfast chapter here in Las Vegas. My hope is to elevate and enable others with a similar bent, wherein we pursue our endeavors outside of the Fund-and-Exit template that seems to be, unfortunately, the default thinking too often.
Stay tuned for more about this…
Projects Projects Projects
Speaking of entrepreneurialism and projects and all that, I still keep my out-of-band project list (actual projects, podcast projects, and a supporter-only update stream on a particular project that has to do with, well, you can find out down the road).
DanHugo is Making Podcasts, Streams, Technology Projects, and more...
The first thing I really, really, really need to do is put up landing page starters for a few projects, not the last of which is my company site, but also for podcasts so there is a place to go that is not or Both of those sites are okay, but self-publishing is an important thing moving forward, and I am a software engineer sometimes, so why am I using tools like this when I should be building my own systems? Technically I have done this, it’s a matter of deployment and polish, and no, I do not subscribe completely to the notion that one should never write a CMS (there are reasonable arguments on both sides, as usual It Depends), especially since for my purposes the code is similar to code used in other projects I have on deck.
As well, a former manager and colleague of mine is interested in collaborating on a few things, we are cooking up some initial ideas (interrupted by a recent loss in his family, which is always an unfortunate part of life), so I am hoping to advance a few causes in areas like assistive technologies, agtech, food tech, and maybe Other.
Here again, stay tuned (especially if this newsletter becomes secondary to a self-hosted email scheme, ie mailman or similar), and be sure to let me know if you are interested in joining in on a Boostrappers Breakfast meetup soooon.
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