Science Fiction

By Damien Walter

Looking for the 21st century mythos

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Mythos vs Logos

In August 2021 I was invited to speak at the 20th Indian Science Fiction Conference, on the theme of science fiction as modern mythology. Scifi as myth is the core thesis of my critical writing on the subject, and of my course in Advanced Scifi and Fantasy st…


Why is the Prime Directive so important?

As the United States withdraws from Afghanistan, leaving behind it chaos and despair, the Science Fiction podcast looks at why the Prime Directive is such an important idea - both in Star Trek and in reality.…


There Is No Antimemetics Division

The average podcast gets 26 downloads per episode.The Science Fiction podcast passed 2000 downloads per episode this month.That puts us in the top 2% of podcasts worldwide (but still a long way behind Joe Rogan)Thanks for subscribing.The latest episode is an …


1984 vs Brave New World

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Isaac Asimov meets Jordan Peterson...

And in anticipation of Apple's upcoming streaming adaptation of FOUNDATION I take a ramble through Isaac Asimov's role as a prophetic visionary and what it might be his myth really meant.



Follow the full course in Advanced Scifi and Fantasy : damiengwalter.comEnroll on Udemy: monthly via Skillshare: to the p…


Fight the war of art

What's stopping you?


My new collaboration with

YouTube recently reminded me that it will be five years (on 7th May) since I uploaded my first video and began my journey into making online courses for writers and storytellers. Since then my courses on Udemy and Skillshare have had over 35,000 enrolled stud…


I've never shouted so loud

The first clue was mud all over the floor. Then I saw the doors of my wardrobe were open. The wardrobe where I keep my camera equipment. The camera equipment which was now gone, gone, gone.