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By Damien Walter • Issue #4 • View online
5:29am, June 16, 1945.
Humankind crosses a cosmic boundary. Looking into the nuclear fires the physicist Alan Oppenheimer sees that humanity now holds the power to destroy worlds. And, perhaps, to create them.
The powers of the gods.
But the power of the atom was just one in a tidal wave of technologies unleashed by humankind. Space flight. Genetic manipulation. General computation, the internet and virtual digital worlds gave humanity, by the late 20th century, powers of seeming magic.
In the decades since humans have struggled to control our growing power. The historian and intellectual Noah Yuval Harari argues that humankind - once Homo Sapiens - is being transformed by technology into Homo Deus - man as god.
What will humankind do with the powers of the gods?

Supergods - MARVEL Avengers and the future of Homo Deus
Supergods - MARVEL Avengers and the future of Homo Deus
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