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Startup Digest Dallas - Issue #36

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Startup Digest Dallas

The personalized insider newsletter for all things startup in Dallas.

This Week's Events:
(Free Event) Morning Coffee and Connections | Meetup
Artificial General Intelligence | Meetup
How to get Rich and Famous with R | Meetup
HTML5 Meetup
LittleDOCC Open Coffee Club | Meetup
Data Onboarding, Mapping, and Validation Automation | Meetup
Health Tech And Innovation | Meetup
Kick-Start Your Career in Web Development (Led by Front End Engineer II, Amazon)
The Entrepreneurial Journey of a Doctor during COVID | Meetup
Equitable Collaboration
February WordPress Help Desk Meetup | Meetup
Greg Wyman: Practically Yii | Meetup
Thinkful Webinar | Intro to Data Science: Python Fundamentals | Meetup
Extending Data Analytics Workloads to Machine Learning with dbt and TensorFlow | Meetup
Building an Azure Cloud Center of Excellence | Meetup
Making Covid Vaccination Data Accessible and its Collection Scalable and Secure | Meetup
.NET 5 with a slice of Raspberry Pi | Meetup
Intro To C# Programming In Unity | Meetup
Intro To C# Programming In Unity | Meetup
#ILOCC - Talking Tech, Startups, and the Digital Lifestyle! | Meetup
Diversifying the Future: Meaningful Ways to Advance D&I as a Tech Leader | Meetup
Webinar: Self-Awareness: Your Competitive Advantage to Personal Branding | Meetup
Containers Concepts: Kubernetes + OpenShift Lab | Meetup
Talk Data to Me: How Data is Driving the Future of Transportation | Meetup
Health 2.0 Meetup
Front End Dev Panel + Q&A | Meetup
Game Makers Unite
Reset & Recover: Leading Global Companies in 2021
Are you ready for the Next-generation IIoT a/k/a Industrial IoT 5.0? NADI Sys. | Meetup
Gaming Open Coffee Club - Frisco (Come talk video games & tech with us) | Meetup
[SLACK] Work From "Home" From The Lab | Meetup
Do you have Cryptocurrency Tax Questions!? | Meetup
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