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Startup Digest Dallas - Issue #35

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Startup Digest Dallas

The personalized insider newsletter for all things startup in Dallas.

This Week's Events:
Where AI is taking NextGen Cloud CCaaS | Meetup
LittleDOCC Open Coffee Club | Meetup
Apache Kafka and Microbatching | Meetup
Free Ai+ Career Lab&Expo 2021 | Meetup
Career Mentor Session: "Am I Ready for a Data Science Job?" | Meetup
How to Get Funding from the U.S. Gov't before the April Deadlines (Webinar) | Meetup
How to Leverage Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Vibrant Space Ecosystem | Meetup
Thinkful Webinar | Data Science vs. Data Analytics | Meetup
Intro To C# Programming In Unity | Meetup
How to Raise Seed Funding for Your Startup: Convertible Notes and SAFEs | Meetup
#VGOCC (Gaming Open Coffee Club - Plano) - Come talk video games & tech with us! | Meetup
Frisco OCC Meetup! #FriscoOCC #Online | Meetup
#ILOCC - Talking Tech, Startups, and the Digital Lifestyle! | Meetup
Configuring PostgreSQL for Faster Analytic Query Performance | Meetup
Simplify and accelerate the development of forecasting models with Azure ML | Meetup
Design Conversation with Aristotle's Cafe | Meetup
Game Makers Meetup
Gaming Open Coffee Club - Frisco (Come talk video games & tech with us) | Meetup
[SLACK] Work From "Home" From The Lab ⭐Online Quarantine Edition ⭐ | Meetup
[ZOOM] Raspberry Pi User Group | Meetup
Saturday Satoshi Square - Bitcoin Social | Meetup
Crypto Dallas (Central Market Plano) | Meetup
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