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Alicia Sekhri
Alicia Sekhri
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I watched every single episode of Riverdale to date. I’m not ashamed. Whether you’re a fan or not, this video will definitely make you laugh.
1. How much $$ can you earn with your pilot?
The Writers Guild of America released a 2021 guide to key pilot compensation terms
I found this on Episode 508 of Scriptnotes, “Creating a TV Comedy.”
2. This is how to write a good twist
Learn from the best.
3. What if you take the “passion factor” out of your creative work?
“When you treat it as a job, you get shit done. You don’t wait for the right moment, for the Muse, you sit down and do the work.” Sergey Faldin
4. Here’s what it takes to write fluently in a foreign language
I wrote an article about my experience writing a screenplay in English as a non-native speaker. It’s just a draft at the moment, but I hope you’ll find some valuable tips in there.
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Alicia Sekhri
Alicia Sekhri @aliciasekhri

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