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Focus on the villain 👺

Alicia Sekhri
Alicia Sekhri
I watched Netflix’s newest addition yesterday: The Woman in the Window.
“An agoraphobic woman living alone in New York begins spying on her new neighbors, only to witness a disturbing act of violence.”
Sounds interesting, right?
This movie got pretty bad reviews, but I liked it. I loved the way it’s filmed, and even though the plot isn’t very original, part of it did surprise me.
One thing is certain: it’ll give you anxiety.
If you want to read more about it, Vulture published a great analysis of the movie.

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Focus on the villain
I recently read a very good screenplay, but something was missing: mystery. The hero’s journey was fascinating, but the villain was superficial and lacked personality. Without an antagonist, there wouldn’t be a story, so give them what they deserve: depth.
Weaknesses, qualities, and goals.
You can also hide your villain’s true intentions from the audience until the end, which will make your story much more interesting.
The Dark Knight — Creating the Ultimate Antagonist
The Dark Knight — Creating the Ultimate Antagonist
How to sell your screenplay
You worked so hard on it and now it’s finished… And you want to sell it. This extensive guide will teach you how to do it.
Thank you for reading this issue!
– Alicia
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Alicia Sekhri
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