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Build better queer characters 🌈

Alicia Sekhri
Alicia Sekhri
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It’s Pride Month, so I thought I’d share GLAAD’s Where We Are on TV report, which analyzes the overall diversity and number of LGBTQ characters in TV series.
In addition, here’s a list of great movies and TV shows you can watch to learn more about the issues that the LGBTQ+ community is facing. Educating yourself will not only allow you to become a better ally but also build better, more compelling queer characters in your stories.
If you need more inspiration, Insider published this list of groundbreaking LGBTQ+ characters last year.
Last but not least, this excellent blog post will teach you how to build good queer characters in your stories.
Most important advice: “Give Them Plots That Aren’t Completely About Their Sexuality.”

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Alicia Sekhri
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