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A plan to get 1% better every day

Alicia Sekhri
Alicia Sekhri
Aiming to get one percent better every day in any area of your life can create a dramatic change in just a year.
If you’re not familiar with this idea yet, James Clear introduced it in his book Atomic Habits. According to him, you should aim to get as little as one percent better every single day, by taking a tiny step toward your goal. 
“Getting 1 percent better every day counts for a lot in the long-run.” ― James Clear, Atomic Habits
You have plenty of opportunities to do so.
If you want to become a successful screenwriter, a tiny action could be reading a chapter of Save the Cat! or How to Make a Good Screenplay Great
You could also write one story arc or come up with one new logline every morning. 
The point is, these actions don’t take long to perform but they add up over time.
And most importantly, they lead you where you want to go.
“Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.” ― James Clear, Atomic Habits
I’m talking about screenwriting but really, this rule can be applied to any area of your life.
Here are some of the actions you could take to get one percent better today:
What’s a tiny action you can take today to get one percent better?
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Alicia Sekhri
Alicia Sekhri @aliciasekhri

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