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Earth Week Recap

April 25 · Issue #1263 · View online
Daily Overview
I wanted to wrap up this week’s posts with a picture of the Earth, captured a few days ago on April 22 — the day that what we celebrated Earth Day for the 51st time. For the past week, this feed focused on a few, particularly exciting solutions that address the climate crisis and move our civilization into greater balance with the planet’s natural systems.
Those posts coincided with this project’s first effort to use the Instagram platform to create more tangible, real-world impact. Since its start, this feed has aimed to raise awareness of the various ways our species has impacted the planet. With your support and engagement on the first Impact post, we were able to use the Overview perspective to not only raise awareness about a particular problem, but to go further and provide financial support to an organization who is addressing it head on. By nature, not all endeavors to address climate change can be profitable ones. We need to do more to support the organizations who are making these efforts and I look forward to seeing how else we can help. 111,002 trees is a great start.
The initiatives that we highlighted in posts this week — be they more sustainable forms of energy production (less carbon made by us) or brilliant ways to counteract climate change (capturing carbon made by us) — can all play a role in the collective, bigger effort. No single solution, industry, or country can solve this problem. Solving this problem will require collaboration from all facets of our civilization - business, government, science, non-profits, etc. - if we hope to address something that’s so all-encompassing, multi-faceted, and complex.
I’ll leave you with one final thought. If the climate crisis is a problem made by our own-two-hands, doesn’t that also make it a problem that we know how to solve? Perhaps the better question is, will we?
– Benjamin Grant, Founder

Source imagery: NASA
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