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How much should I weigh? Body Weight Chart

How much should I weigh? Body Weight Chart
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A body weight chart is what is used to calculate ideal body weight. “How much should I weigh?” you ask. You can use a body weight chart to answer this and other perplexing questions which are essential for healthy eating and healthy living. A body mass indicator, or body weight chart, essentially tells you for a certain height and build and gender, how much you should way to have a certain percentage of fat and the rest muscle. Usually, you will only want %5 body fat, or there abouts, and an ideal body weight chart will tell you where that is.
Of course, a body weight chart by itself isn’t enough to get in good shape, and many people say that you shouldn’t even worry too much about your ideal body weight. What you should do, instead of worrying how much should I weigh all the time, is simply to begin trying to establish the healthy habits that are most essential. Eat right, consuming lots of fresh vegetables and grains, as well as lean meats, while cutting out starches and fatty foods. Exercise every day for at least half an hour. Get plenty of sleep and drink a lot of water. Your body weight chart might tell you when you’re nearing your goals, but it isn’t the goals that matter so much as living healthy all along.
I was a terrible couch potato for years, sitting in front of my computer or my tv, watching dvds, and working in an office chair all day. This made me fat, achy and unhealthy, and I even ate lots of junk food. Needless to say, I was no where near my ideal body weight, that is for sure. I ordered a body weight chart, but all it did was sit up on my wall and remind me that I was over weight when I took an occasional break from eating my twinkies and sinking my fat ass into the couch.
What really helped me wasn’t the body weight chart or asking how much should I weigh all the time, but simply realizing that I didn’t really enjoy my life the way that I was. I resolved to do something about it finally, and got on it, with exercising, following good diet, and developing a more healthy attitude towards the world. It took more than a couple of months, but it really wasn’t that long until I reached my ideal body weight and a state of happiness greater than I’ve had in years.


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