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Newsletter of Dagan | Dagan.Eth (📚,🌐) - Issue #7

Dagan.Eth (📚,🌐)
Dagan.Eth (📚,🌐)
Welcome to issue #7, let’s talk about the metaverse frens! Came across some great resources all about this immersive technology that we are calling the metaverse. At the top of this list is an amazing study by educational psychologist Richard Mayer. What’s super cool about this study is that it is thorough, vetted, and provides some beneficial insights about the potential impact of immersive learning experiences in our classrooms.
I first came across this study in EdSurge, one of my favorite online magazines about the futue of learning. This is important because EdSurge has built a strong following for its coverage of a variety of contemporary issues in education from mental health, technology, the role of higher ed, and much more. They’ve remained balanced in what issues they cover and how they speak about them. And the actual article is pretty short. It basically just points to the actual study and lets you decide for yourself.
Instead of summarizing my thoughts in this intro, I have included a link to a tweet thread I posted. I share my impressions about the study in this thread and my reasons for why I think it is important that educators familiarize themselves with this research. To restate my position simply, because the metaverse is coming it is our responsibility to educate ourselves about how to implement this technology with the highest level of intentionality possible.
To stay in the metaverse theme I also shared a podcast with metaverse “expert” (he even said he doesn’t like being called that) Matthew Ball. I have also included a link to an upcoming online event about the metaverse with the folks from Getting Smart. And it woudln’t be a dagan.eth newsletter without some contrarian crypto coverage from the mainstream media!
I hope you enjoy this issue, and as always your likes, Tweets, and Retweets really help spread awareness of this newsletter. Also, if you have any interesting web3 articles, news, or events feel free to share in my DMs, I am always looking to learn more about what is going out there!

Here’s the EdSurge article that contains the link to the study on the impact of immersive experiences on learning. This is a must-read for any and all educators. My main goal is that educators keep themselves abreast of the technology and how it is being used to support learning in our classrooms.
Here it is, my mainstream news contrarian article of the week. I think I might need to turn this into its own section. LOL, actually I love including these because it forces us to rethink our positions and take it in from all angles. As I’ve said before, if you can’t do that, then it is time for you to do some more research!
Opinion | What Is Happening to the People Falling for Crypto and NFTs - The New York Times
This is my Tweet in which I cover the study referenced in the EdSurge article. I know it’s kinda weird linking to my own Tweet in my newsletter, but I did spend a lot of time reflecting on the article and the findings.
Dagan | dagan.eth (📚,🌐)
A major study by educational psychologist Richard Mayer was released that analyzes the immersion principle in multimedia learning. Basically, do students learn better in the metaverse? Here's a thread on my thoughts, impressions, and observations. [1/11]

Great opportunity for learning with my friend and thought-partner Mike Peck from the Ed3 educators NFT and DAO.
Ed3 Master Class with Mike Peck Co-founder & Tech Director of Ed3 Educators and Co-founder of Ed3DAO. Link to calendar event with Zoom link here.
Really excited for this one. Getting Smart is another well known online education publication that is starting to give the metaverse some coverage. Really curious what this discussion will cover and who will show up!
Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: What on Earth is a Metaverse?: The Next Frontier of Engaging and Learning. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting.
I can listen to read about Matthew Ball all day. He is quite prolific in his thinking about the metaverse. I have his new book on the metaverse on pre-order and look forward to reading it this summer. This is from an investing podcast so they diverge a little into the investing part of the metaverse. But it is definitely rooted in the technology behind this emerging “reality.”
Metaverse: Unlimited Potential, Very Real Constraints - Motley Fool Money | The Motley Fool
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Dagan.Eth (📚,🌐)
Dagan.Eth (📚,🌐) @DaganBernstein

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