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Newsletter of Dagan | Dagan.Eth (📚,🌐) - Issue #12

Dagan.Eth (📚,🌐)
Dagan.Eth (📚,🌐)
Hello my friends, greetings from the Netherlands! This will be short as I am currently in the middle of a two-week vacation in Europe. But I still have time for a web3🤝education update. Web3 is always on my mind so while traveling I am always on the lookout for anything blockchain, metaverse, or related. There are three things in particular that are happening while I am here that will provide me with an opportunity to expand my web3 knowledge.
One of the exciting components of this new evolution in our technology is the global appeal. Regardless of country, we are all yearning to buidl the next iteration of the internet, AR/VR, and artistic expression. Web3 will play a prominent role in all three of these. Whether it is an NFT display at a museum, a museum dedicated to digital art, or a festival dedicated to the metaverse, there are so many opportunities to learn about his new technology.
While I will not be able to attend the metaverse festival I do have the two museum visits on my agenda so I hope to make them happen. I did connect with a Netherlands web3 group that is doing some meet-ups around the festival, so I may try to attend an irl event with them. I came across them from a simple google search of “Netherlands web3 group.” I found their Twitter, joined the discord, introduced myself, and now I have some web3 friends in the Netherlands!
Thanks for stepping in for this traveled shortened issue. Next week I hope to share some impressions of the museums. Check out the descriptions and links below and click to read more. If you’re not subscribed yet, go to my profile and enter your email address to get these delivered right to your inbox!

NFT Exhibition at Amsterdam Museum
the New FuTure Amsterdam | Moco Museum
NXT Museum, A Museum Dedicated to New Media Art
Nxt Museum - Nxt Museum
A Metaverse Festival in Amsterdam
MET AMS | Where the metaverse & reality come to meet
Thank you for stopping by for another issue of my web3🤝education newsletter. I hope it inspired you to go seek out some web3 events happening in your area!! You can subscribe to the newsletter here. If you’re on LinkedIn go check out a version of this newsletter on my LinkedIn profile and feel free to give me a follow as well.
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Dagan.Eth (📚,🌐)
Dagan.Eth (📚,🌐) @DaganBernstein

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