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Dagan.Eth (📚,🌐)
Dagan.Eth (📚,🌐)
Last week was a big moment for this newsletter as we released the 10th issue. Our readership and subscriptions continue to grow and we are just one shy of 50 subscribers. I hope when you are reading this we have crossed that mark!
As I reflected on this milestone I thought about what are some new ways that I can evolve what I am doing. One update you will see in this issue is rather than organize the sections by type (blog, article, events, etc…) I am using a heading that is a quick topical summary of what is linked.
The reasons for this are twofold. First, we exist in a world where our media isn’t so cleanly categorized. The line between an article, a blog, or a Twitter thread is being blurred–and rightfully so. Can we tell if a piece of writing is published in an online magazine or a blog? And in reality, does it really matter?
Secondly, I want to make things easy for you the reader! With the high amount of media we consume, I want you to be able to quickly scan the newsletter and identify the items that interest you. The best way to do this is to provide a quick heading that you can read and decide if it’s something to click on.
One other change I am implementing is I am expanding! In addition to publishing this on Get Revue, Twitter, and directly to your inbox, I’m going to be adapting this newsletter for LinkedIn as well. As a platform LinkedIn has its own feel and ecosystem so I want to make sure it fits that platform best. But it will essentially have them same content and will run in parallel with this release.
The LinkedIn release could possibly on the same day as these issues, or maybe the day after. What it all means is that you will be able to find a supplementary version of this issue on my LinkedIn profile. If you’re on there, come find me and let’s connect. My profile can be found at this link.
So let’s get into what I have to share with you this well. First off is a summary of the evolution of education and the internet by the great writer/thinker/buidler Scott David Meyer. I also share an article from Vogue Business magazine about the diversity problem in web3. And some final highlights are a Forbes article about web3 in higher ed and an examination of the metaverse in our K-12 classrooms.
The issue closes with something that I think needs more focus–security in web3. This is an unregulated space with lots of landmines that can have a big impact on your assets. It is a reminder to be careful in this space and if something sounds too good to be true, it is probably a scam.
Thanks again as always for reading, have a great week, and enjoy the content!

Scott David Meyer Leads You Through the Evolution of Ed3
The Education Evolution: From Ed1 to Ed3
Mobile Apps to Support the Web3 Learner
SuperSkills! A Mobile App Use Case for DIDs & VCs
Web3 and Diversity
Web3 has a diversity problem: Enter non-binary avatars | Vogue Business
Let's Talk Higher Ed
The Future Of Learning Is Radically Decentralized: What’s Next For Higher Education?
Metaverse in Our Classrooms
The Metaverse Is Already Here, and K–12 Schools Are Using It for Education | EdTech Magazine
Let's Talk Security
This week’s newsletter is gonna close with a thread on security. This is a real concern in the space right now. People are spending real money on NFTs, tokens, and other assets in their wallets. Information about security is sparse. The systems that web3 are built on are barely regulated to the point that they are not really regulated at all.
One key to navigating in this space is to have friends who you can trust and who understand parts of this space that you may not. Some NFT communities are better than others in creating a space where you can feel you can ask questions without being judged and that you are provided with reliable information.
I am super grateful for my FOMO MOFO NFT family. It’s a small enough and highly engaged community where people look out for each other and share their knowledge openly. One such person is blackmesa.eth. He shared this Twitter thread on security with me and I suggest you check it out. I also suggest you spend some time checking out resources on common scams in the NFT space and make sure you are keeping your assets protected.
🧵Exploring the latest NFT scam 🧵

"I got an NFT airdrop from an unknown collection into my wallet with a 1 WETH offer. What's going on? Is it safe to accept?" https://t.co/0ZEVLWVzp7
Thank you for stopping by for another issue of my web3🤝education newsletter. Please subscribe if you haven’t already, and if you’re on LinkedIn go check out a version of this newsletter on my LinkedIn profile and feel free to give me a follow as well.
Link to all my work by visiting www.dagan.me
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Dagan.Eth (📚,🌐)
Dagan.Eth (📚,🌐) @DaganBernstein

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