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By Dagan.Eth (📚,🌐)

Jump on the Magic School Bus: Issue #16 of web3🤝education





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Dagan.Eth (📚,🌐)
Dagan.Eth (📚,🌐)
Hello educator and web3 frens. The number 16 isn’t necessarily an important milestone or numerical marker (unless you are a fan of Dwight “Doc” Gooden or maybe see the high numerical significance of the golden ratio). Regardless, thank you to everyone for following along on my journey with this newsletter.
I have surpassed 60 subscribers on Twitter and am close to 100 followers on LinkedIn (98, so if you’re on LinkedIn please subscribe!). This is beyond what I expected when I started this 3 or so months ago. My purpose for curating this list of resources on education and web3 is really selfish. I wanted a place to hold the resources I was reading on this topic.
As it has spread and grown I am trying to be more mindful of what type of content I am sharing. I have also made some adjustments to how I present the content. Here’s a recap of some changes I have made since the first issue:
🌟 Creating my own titles for each resource and adding my own summaries of the resource
🌟 Embedding the links in the introduction for easier accessibility
🌟 Removing the categories of each resource and focusing on the content
🌟 Prioritizing relevancy and currency over a variety of media types
I hope these changes have helped make the newsletter more interesting and relevant. If there are any suggestions that you have my DMs are always open, reach out to my Twitter account.
One additional change I will pilot this week is to put the resources in list form at the top of the newsletter for easy access. You can read the individual resource sections in the sections below for a quick summary and links. Here is this week’s list:
🌟 Interview with Ed3 DAO co-founder Vriti Saraf from ISTE Live in New Orleans
🌟 Freakonomics podcast on NFTs asking “are they a scam?”
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Download a Free Guide on the Metaverse for Education
The Magic School Bus of Learning
Are N.F.T.s All Scams?
Thank you for stopping by for another issue of my web3🤝education newsletter. You can subscribe to the newsletter here or if you’re on LinkedIn go check out a version of this newsletter on my LinkedIn and give me a follow.
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Dagan.Eth (📚,🌐)
Dagan.Eth (📚,🌐) @DaganBernstein

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