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Man Up: Trading Evil For Good

Dave Domzalski
Dave Domzalski
Do you ever get frustrated with yourself? You do the things you know you shouldn’t do - and neglect the things you know you must do. Let’s unpack this today.

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Hey guys,
Are you ever annoyed with yourself?
You know there are certain things you should be doing. Things like:
  • Putting in a solid effort every day.
  • Putting yourself last and others first.
  • Focusing on your wife and her needs.
  • Giving your children you undivided attention.
  • Praying more and giving time to your relationship with God.
  • Working out and eating right.
  • Spending less than you make.
  • Starting a side business.
The list goes on - and on.
But, how many of those “should be’s” are you actually doing? One? Two? Maybe three here and there?
If you’re anything like me, your success rate varies depending on:
  • How much sleep you got the night before.
  • How overwhelmed you feel about work, money, and other worldly issues.
  • Whether or not your kids behaved.
  • If you just had a recent (or ongoing) feud with your wife.
  • How tired you feel from a long day.
  • Your satisfaction level with yourself.
  • General anxiety and/or frustration.
  • How close you feel to God on a given day.
Be real with yourself: you’re the source of your own hang-ups and problems. You, like me, are your own worst enemy.
Good news is, guys, we’re not alone in this. We have each other - and we also have our brother, St. Paul.
Check out what he writes in Romans 7:19-25:
Can you relate to St. Paul’s predicament? I don’t do the good I want to do. Instead, I do all this evil stuff - this sin - that I don’t want to do. Like an addict, I can’t stop the sin!
The short answer: give it to God. Stop trying to do everything.
“Therefore, if you desire to begin to live in a Christian way, seek grace. The minute when grace descends and joins itself to your will is the minute the Christian life is born in you - powerful, firm, and greatly fruitful.”
Once you surrender your will to the Divine Will, God can begin to act in your life. His grace is made perfect in our weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9).
St. Theophan goes on to tell us that we receive this grace as a result of our baptism - and later, repentance.
We are close to Great Lent. Now is the time to truly think about your repentance - and how you can receive the grace of God in your own life.
God bless you, brothers.
In Christ,
P.S. To help you prepare for Pascha (or Easter), I’d recommend Pilgrimage to Pascha. It’s a daily devotional for Great Lent by Archpriest Steven John Belonick. I went through much of it last year and highly recommend it. Worth the read every year!
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Dave Domzalski
Dave Domzalski

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