Web3 and Blockchain Trends by Daccred

Draft, Design and Issue Web3 Credentials (Certificates & Badges) as NFTs to your students, participants and community on any blockchain.

Draft, Design and Issue Web3 Credentials (Certificates & Badges) as NFTs to your students, participants and community on any blockchain.

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Issue #10: What are DAOs?

The traditional organizational structure is structured so that the decision-makers of the business organization might not necessarily be stakeholders.This structure favors the employment of experts in the field, that is, those who have experience in their pro…


Issue #9: ERC 666, The Address of the Beast

These standards are defined openly through a consensus referred to as Improvement Proposals. One of the dominant blockchain networks Ethereum has an open Ethereum Improvement Proposal or EIP for short where these standards are deliberated.After deliberation, …


We have a new look at Daccred

Who are we?We are good friends and crypto enthusiasts who think that decentralization would do us all a lot of good and give power to everyone.We believe strongly in the fact that NFTs are going to be mainstream and here for a long time.We have done a bit in …


Issue #7: Where Can I Buy NFTs in 2022? [Marketplace edition]

Global marketplaces are essential to products that are set to do well in the world economy and NFT is no different. Artworks NFTs, audios NFTs, video clips NFTs, virtual worlds NFTs, you name it, need a place to exchange ownership for a price.If you are confu…


Issue #6: Can NFTs be Used Outside the Metaverse?

NFT popped into the eyes of the public in March 2021 with the $69 million Beeple NFT sales. Since then we have experienced a surge in the increase of NFT popularity.Currently, lots of people think NFTs are solely for artists, musicians, photographers, and the…


Issue #5: How to Create Your Own .eth Domain Name Explained in Simple Terms

What are they?The concept of domain names in the blockchain space isn't necessarily new but several crypto enthusiasts don't understand what it is bringing into the blockchain and cryptocurrency world.Identification is a unique property on anything related to…


Issue #4: NFTs, a Path to Financial Freedom

With a smartphone and internet connection, not many people know what this new talk of art renovation truly means. Words flying around have hinted that there is a high chance that NFT is the future that no one can escape.NFTs are pieces of cryptographic tokens…


Issue #3: Understanding NFT Games: Earn while you play

Africa and most developing nations are at the peak of these NFT games as it seems like they fit right through it just like a round peg in a round hole.With the first play to earn game flourishing and enriching people in the developing country of the Philippin…


Issue #2: Can Web3 Solve for Permanent Cloud Storage?

If you have ever used WeTransfer, iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, MEGA, then you have an understanding of what cloud storage is and how it works. While most people have no idea it is there, Google for example gives every new Gmail account 15GB free, while othe…


What Web3 Company would Jeff Bezos build

Watching some of the early interviews of Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos we realize that he just left his job at a huge Hedge fund to jump in on this new internet which was seeing an over 2300% surge in growth by the year.So Jeff decided that he was going to build a c…