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Issue #4. Measuring: make a pause sometimes

Cyril Lagrange
Cyril Lagrange
Measure the invaluable to make better decisions.
Most of what we need to know is invisible, so long we take an open and bold perspective to identify and measure it. Building leadership and innovation capabilities, changing behaviors, tapping immaterial assets are invaluable linchpins to grow sustainable human and business ventures.
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Head up to reframe your options, or just trailblaze an other path
Head up to reframe your options, or just trailblaze an other path
Hi Friends!
Let share a short letter this week just before the Christmas celebrations.
Counterintuitively, keeping attention on measurements and dashboards day in and out may not create valuable insights over time without regular and side explorations.
During this period of end-of-year performance reviews and predictions for the coming month, we also need to keep in mind that some concerns resist measurements and optimization.
What are the main concerns you need to investigate at the time?
Measuring as usual
As we draw to the end of this peculiar 2021 year, you are likely to have already reviewed and polished all sorts of operational and financial reviews, statements, and dashboards, as I did. With that endeavor comes the prediction work to make a brilliant 2022 chapter.
In general, the performance management mindset nudges us to keep diving deep into financial and non-financial metrics in search of means to go a step further in optimizing what we are already doing. We often keep assessing performance by pointing to visible results from achieved performance, through actions back to upfront expectations.
New perspective
Sometimes, a solution or a fresh perspective lies somewhere else, beyond the intense recourse to measurements and dashboards.
For a moment, stepping aside from measuring gives way to reframing a fresh perspective about our concerns.
Six-step to reframe:
  1. Restate or change perspective about your concern,
  2. Gather inspiration and all kinds of relevant data
  3. Generate Ideas
  4. Make representations of possible options or desirable path
  5. Challenge any possible aspects, get feedback from various experiments
  6. Design a feasible and activable set of actions that would create a sense of shared interest and common good
On which of your concern do you need to step back? How would you restate and reframe it?
Merry Christmas, and I wish you to enjoy this end-of-year pause. Have a fresh perspective to go past your primary concern in 2022.
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Cyril Lagrange
Cyril Lagrange @lagrange_cyril

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