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osINT and Internet Dumpster Diving by Stu - Issue #3

osINT and Internet Dumpster Diving by Stu - Issue #3
By CybersecStu • Issue #3 • View online
Welcome to issue #3 of osINT and dumpster diving with me Stu. This week I have been focusing on preparing for the upcoming TraceLabs Global Search Party CTF which is happening this weekend. And have been looking at some of the tools and techniques that might come in handy.
There has been some amazing resources and techniques shared by Jake Creps, Griffin, Sector035, Nordic OSINT, BushidoToken and many others this week.
So lets dive in and see what osINT goodness we have in store… and don’t forget to share if you’ve enjoyed my ramblings.
Happy hunting and good luck to those taking part at the Trace Labs CTF this weekend.

Calling All geoINT Experts...
I recently was made aware of this project thanks to Benjamin Strick, where the objective is to map out and document the destruction that happened in Myanmar, specifically Rakhine State. There is a BBC article here that provides some background. This project is something that we should all roll up our sleeves and help if we can. So if you are interested in geoINT and want to put that to good use, maybe you can help the Ocelli Project. Or at least buy them a cup of coffee ☕ .
Ocelli Project- can you help?
Creating Sock Puppet Profiles
This week Jake shared some very useful techniques on creating sock puppets, on his #OSINT workflow Wednesday thread, if you missed this then you should defo read up. Personally I use some of the techniques mentioned but swapping the EXIF to evade bot detection never crossed my mind, so thank you Jake!!!
Jake Creps
Amazing Video Collection
Nordic OSINT put together a veritable Smörgåsbord of osINT videos on his Start Me page, whether you are starting out or experienced there is something here for everyone. Great work, and defo something to save to your favourites <3
The OSINT Rainbow -
Blog Of The Week!
Bushido’s blog is a great read with many well researched topics on osINT, Malware Analysis and Threat Intel. One of his posts even ended up in Krebs blog (not sure if that’s a good thing or not)! If you’re not reading it yet go check out his blog. Also his Insider Threat osINT CTF’s are really good go do those now.
@BushidoToken cybersecurity
Sector035 Quiz
If you haven’t done a Sector035 quiz yet, well now is the time, his 2019 quiz was really interesting, and as you progressed became very challenging. I still have 1 question left to do! But I recently discovered he released his 2020 quiz, and its great for those starting out.. so highly recommended you check that out. If you want to do his 2019 quiz that is still up here. Great for sharpening those skills.
Dumpster Dive Find... VidGrid
I was speaking to CyberViking on The Many Hats Club talking about news feeds, and he came across this. So far this is my favourite news grid, where you can have up to 9 news sites streaming. Although others exist this one is pretty decent and wins Internet Dumpster Dive of the week! 🏆
Here is one I made earlier… Edit (19/02/21 ~ 17:22 GMT) the link I posted didn’t work, but here is an image :)
VidGrid - a news channel multiview in your browser
And Finally...
Check out this thread and the other articles mentioned by Griffin on making Bookmarklets for Search. I recently looked into this myself and have found this highly useful for creating shortcuts for searching common things on a profile or quickly digging into something. Thank you for sharing Griffin.
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Internet Dumpster Diving by Stu Director of Cyber Strategy for @zerodaylab | TraceLab Black badge win x3 Global Search party | volunteer for @NCPTF8 | Founder @themanyhatsclub

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