Cyber Safety Cop - Issue #2

March 8 - Issue #2

Cyber Safety Cop

I am a law enforcement professional, school safety expert, and author of Parenting in a Digital World - A Step-by-Step Guide to Internet Safety. I am dedicated to teaching parents and children how to live safely at home, at school, and in their digital world.

How to Talk to You Child About Porn
The Internet has made hardcore pornography more accessible than ever before in human history. More people visit pornographic sites than Twitter, Netflix and Hulu combined. As the prevalence of pornography grows online and in popular culture, so does nearly forty years of scientific evidence that viewing pornography has catastrophic effects on our lives.
When we talk to our children about cyber safety and appropriate online behavior we must address the issue of online pornography. Talking to your child about sex is not easy. The mere thought of having to talk about pornography will produce significant levels of anxiety in most parents. Not only are you faced with the uncomfortable task of talking to your child about why they should not view pornography, but you will be fighting the prevailing popular cultural view that pornography is victimless and beneficial. Nothing could be further from the truth. Next to street drugs and alcohol abuse, pornography is becoming one of our society’s most serious public health issues.
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