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Currently San Antonio - October 1st, 2021

Currently San Antonio
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The weather, currently.
Flash flooding concerns increasing towards the end of this week
Flash flooding concerns increasing towards the end of this week
We start off the month of October with hazardous weather conditions expected across South-Central Texas. Additional rounds of torrential rainfall is expected as more disturbance traverses the upper-level trough into our region. With deep tropical moisture in place and saturated soils from recent heavy rains, the threat for flash flooding continues to increase for the entire area, including the San Antonio and Austin metropolitan areas, the Hill Country, Rio Grande, and the coastal plains. The greatest threat for flooding rains appears to be concentrated just west of the I-35 corridor including communities like Hondo, Bandera, Leakey, Uvalde, Del Rio, and Eagle Pass.
The threat for heavy rainfall will gradually come to an end this weekend as the upper trough shifts eastward and high pressure moves into our area. However, in the interim, make sure you have multiple ways of receiving Flash Flood alerts from the National Weather Service. Never drive through flooded roadways.
Once the storm system moves east, we expect spectacular weather next week with abundant sunshine with highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s.
Comenzamos el mes de octubre con condiciones climáticas peligrosas que se esperan en el centro-sur de Texas. Se esperan rondas adicionales de lluvias torrenciales a medida que más perturbaciones atraviesen la vaguada del nivel superior hacia nuestra región. Con una humedad profunda y suelos saturados por las fuertes lluvias recientes, la amenaza de inundaciones repentinas continúa aumentando en toda el área, incluidas las áreas metropolitanas de San Antonio y Austin, Hill Country, Río Grande y las llanuras costeras. La mayor amenaza de inundaciones parece estar concentrada justo al oeste del corredor I-35, incluidas comunidades como Hondo, Bandera, Leakey, Uvalde, Del Río y Eagle Pass.
La amenaza de fuertes lluvias llegará gradualmente a su fin este fin de semana a medida que la vaguada superior se desplace hacia el este y la alta presión se mueva hacia nuestra área. Sin embargo, mientras tanto, asegúrese de tener varias formas de recibir alertas de inundaciones repentinas del Servicio Meteorológico Nacional. Nunca conduzca por carreteras inundadas.
Después que el sistema de tormentas se mueva hacia el este, esperamos un clima espectacular la próxima semana con abundante sol con máximos en los 80s y mínimos en los 60s.
NWS Weather Prediction Center
Widespread storms are forecast ahead of a slow moving front across western/central Texas Thursday into Friday. The storms will move slowly and may backbuild where rain has already fallen. Slight Risks for Excessive Rainfall leading to scattered flash flooding have been issued.
What you need to know, currently.
Rebecca Leber
a guide for how to check if your area is affected by wildfire smoke (it travels farther than you think)
As wildfires become more frequent and intense because of climate change an increasing number of us are feeling the effects of poor air quality. Poor air quality due to fires, as well as air pollution in general, is one of the largest threats to human health and exacerbates many other existing medical issues.
Currently spoke with Rebecca Leber, a senior reporter at Vox, who wrote about how and when to check the Air Quality Index (AQI) and what to do if your air quality is poor.
“There’s a way to measure this pollution and how it changes on a daily basis and there are precautions that people can take, but I think it’s just this lack of awareness about both the problem and the precautions people can take.”
While Leber said that these precautions will help, we shouldn’t have to endure so many poor air quality days. She said we need systematic action to address climate change and protect vulnerable communities, to get to the root of the issue.
“It’s important we don’t lose sight that this is also a problem that we have to address through societal action; it’s not just about individual behaviors,” said Leber. “To really address air pollution, more broadly, it’s not enough to put on a mask and turn on your air filter. It requires a bigger change. That means addressing climate change.”
To double-check the air quality in your local community, go to the EPA’s AirNow website. For more info about AQI and how to protect yourself read Leber’s story here. — Abbie Veitch
Weather to look forward to
San Antonio - Next 3 days:
Friday, Oct 1
Scattered thunderstorms with locally heavy rainfall likely. Chance of precipitation is 90%.
High: 84ºF, Low: 72ºF
Saturday, Oct 2
Scattered thunderstorms with locally heavy rainfall likely. Chance of precipitation is 80%.
High: 84ºF, Low: 72ºF
Sunday, Oct 3
Scattered thunderstorms possible in the afternoon. Otherwise, expect partly sunny skies. Chance of precipitation is 20%.
High: 85ºF, Low: 71ºF
San Antonio - Próximos 3 días:
Viernes 1 de octubre
Es probable que se produzcan tormentas eléctricas dispersas con fuertes lluvias. La probabilidad de precipitación es del 90%.
Máxima: 84ºF, Minima: 72ºF
Sábado 2 de octubre
Es probable que se produzcan tormentas eléctricas dispersas con fuertes lluvias. La probabilidad de precipitación es del 80%.
Máxima: 84ºF, Minima: 72ºF
Domingo 3 de octubre
Posibles tormentas eléctricas dispersas por la tarde. De lo contrario, espere cielos parcialmente soleados. La probabilidad de precipitación es del 20%.
Máxima: 85ºF, Minima: 71ºF
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