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Currently in Portland — October 15th, 2021

Currently Portland
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The weather, currently.
Dry and pleasant weekend for Friday October 15th
Dry and pleasant weekend for Friday October 15th
It’s finally Friday, and it will be a dry and pleasant one with highs in the low to mid-60s. In fact, Saturday follows suit with similarly tame conditions— perfect for a hike or some other outdoor activities. Models agree for the most part that rain returns Sunday, with upwards of a quarter of an inch for inland locations as a more potent system arrives. Into next week it seems the pattern recycles, with cyclical ridges and troughs. There’s no sign quite yet in the near future of a regularly wet and stormy period.
—Kavin Iyengar
What you need to know, currently.
On the first episode of The ABCs of Big Oil podcast w/ @WeAreDrilled, we find out why fossil fuel companies think it’s worth investing in education. What @dharnanoor and @amywestervelt dug up should give you a good idea.

Currently spoke with Amy Westervelt about her new podcast co-hosted by Dharna Noor— The ABCs of Big Oil. This series dives into Big Oil’s propaganda campaigns in the American school system. 
According to Westervelt, some of the propaganda spread through schools, specifically through social sciences in the 50s and 60s influenced many of the talking points being used today to justify inaction on climate. 
She said that in the districts where schools do have strong fact-based climate curricula, teachers said that those changes are often led by students and pushed for by parents.
“That’s super interesting but it also concerns me because it’s like, the thing that’s keeping industry out of schools is students taking it upon themselves to be activists,” said Westervelt. “It’s still just very easy for industry to get into schools.” 
Westervelt said that tomorrow’s episode contains the piece of reporting that shocked her the most— it’s the coordinated effort of corporations and Big Oil to influence students at the university level and Americans in general.  
“It was a really massive strategy across not only universities but also in the media and film and TV… it was surprising to just see it written down so clearly,” said Westervelt.
She said that one thing that helps her stay optimistic is that today many young people, Gen Z and Millenials, are not blindly accepting the framework being fed to them by large corporations and industry. 
To catch up with the ABCs of Big Oil, before the next episode drops, click here. — Abbie Veitch
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