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Currently in Portland — March 1st 2022

Currently Portland
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The weather, currently.
Atmospheric river event continues to soak the Pac NW
Atmospheric river event continues to soak the Pac NW
March is set to come in like a lion, a very, very soggy lion tomorrow. After a soaking start to the workweek, the dog is not going to be down for the pre-bedtime stroll as the rain continues tonight with times of heavy rain likely.
And for the start of meteorological spring, the wet weather will persist all day long. Wednesday will be a rainy repeat of today and tomorrow as a drying-out-adjacent day will not materialize until Thursday when total rainfall amounts may exceed 3 inches. Anyone need a towel?
—Lauren Casey
What you need to know, currently.
Akshat Rathi
"Human-induced climate change and the war on Ukraine have the same roots -- fossil fuels -- and our dependence on them," said Svitlana Krakovska, Ukraine's representative to the IPCC, immediately after her Russian counterpart apologized for the war.
As the crisis unfolds in Ukraine, we are dedicating this week to unpacking some of the climate and weather connections and providing you with reliable information. Here is a thread of ways to stand with Ukraine.
Last night Ukraine sustained several more major attacks from Russian forces. Today, initial talks between Russia and Ukraine concluded without result. Currently, Russian forces have almost fully encircled the Ukrainian Capital, Kyiv. 
Despite these devastating attacks, making it feel like the whole world should be put on pause, the climate crisis continues to push forward. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released part two of the ​​Sixth Assessment Report today, Feb. 28. 
The report is bleak, but not hopeless, stating that climate impacts are moving more rapidly than scientists had previously predicted but that we have the solutions to ward off the worst-case scenario. That window for action is rapidly closing. The report’s release and findings can not be separated from the war unfolding in Ukraine. 
Ukrainian climate scientists, under the threat of bomb attacks, were forced to quit meetings prior to the report’s release. Russian official, Oleg Anisimov, apologized on behalf of the Russian people at the final IPCC report meeting.  
While addressing colleges at the close of the IPCC meeting, Ukrainian scientist, Svitlana Krakovsk, explained the tie between the war and climate. 
“Someone could question us that IPCC is not a political body, and should only assess science related to climate change. Let me assure you that this human-induced climate change and war against Ukraine have direct connections and the same roots. They are fossil fuels and humanity’s dependence on them,” said Krakovska.
— Abbie Veitch
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