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Currently in Portland — March 18th 2022

Currently Portland
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The weather, currently.
A soaking start to the weekend in store, but a hearty dose of spring is just around the corner
A soaking start to the weekend in store, but a hearty dose of spring is just around the corner
Milder and mainly dry for the work week’s final showdown tomorrow, as high temperatures will attempt to ring the 60°F bell. Then a round of steady rain will commence late tomorrow night to make for a dodgy start to our Saturday. Some rain could be heavy at times through the late morning hours before tapering in extent and intensity during the afternoon. By tomorrow evening, drier conditions look to prevail for those with plans to hit the town. The spring season officially weighs in on Sunday and will bring with it, a small entourage of a few rain/snow showers, but be sure to cut out some outdoor time in the day planner for next Tuesday and Wednesday when mostly sunny skies and highs near 70°F take the stage.
—Lauren Casey
What you need to know, currently.
The next time this newsletter hits your inbox it will be truly “spring” in the Northern Hemisphere, by every definition— meteorological and astronomical. However many places experienced the equilux— or the time where day and night are equal lengths— today. Feels extra lucky to have an equilux on St. Patty’s day. 
Tomorrow, if skies are clear near you, look out for another spring phenomenon known as the “crow moon” or “worm moon”. This occurs when the moon appears larger in the sky because it is closer to the horizon and our eyes compare it to earthy objects— like buildings and trees.
Dave Epstein
Happy #Equilux greater Boston! Today is the day the gap between sunrise and sunset is 12 hours. While the #springEquinox is Sunday, because of how we define sunrise and sunset and the equation of time, today is actually our true equal day and night. Now go impress your friends!
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