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Currently in Portland — December 16th, 2021

Currently Portland
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The weather, currently.
Showery day highs in the low 40s
Showery day highs in the low 40s
A showery day in the wake of a cold system yesterday which dropped some rain and snow over our region. Highs today will once again be in the low 40s, with lows in the mid to upper 30°— we likely won’t have to deal with any sort of freeze today. That being said, it’ll be chilly out and overcast. There are signals that a wet system could arrive on Saturday and dump anywhere from a half-inch to an inch of rain over parts of the region, but that’s still to be decided. Either way, keep tuned, and have a great Thursday. —Kavin Iyengar
What you need to know, currently.
North America experienced a recording-breaking wild weather day today. 60-100 mph wind storms, late in the season tornado warnings, and record high temperatures are bombarding several central and western U.S. states including Minnesota, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Iowa. Tornado warnings have been issued in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, and Minnesota.
Currently hosted a Twitter Space with a few of our meteorologists reporting from affected states including Sven Sundgaard from the Twin Cities, Megan Montero from Denver, and Anthony Torres from Michigan. 
Eric Holthaus
New tornado watch coming in the next hour or so for Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, per @NWSSPC.

It's December.
Here’s a rundown of some of the effects of this storm Currently meteorologists highlighted. 
In Minnesota: 
  • Record heat in Minnesota has impacted snow cover. The ground is significantly less frozen than what is typical for this time of the year. This, combined with the extremely high wind speeds the region may lead to uprooted trees and debris. Despite the record-breaking heat during the day, temperatures will drop overnight. This is concerning if the storm leads to widespread power outages. 
In Colorado:
  • Over 100 mph winds have been recorded in Colorado, prompting highway closures, power loss, and dust storms. The drought in the area combined with high winds is a recipe for wildfires, be extra vigilant of fire hazards during this storm. 
  • The fast-moving straight-line wind means that if tornadoes occur they will move exceptionally quickly. High winds also mean fast-moving wildfire threats. If you find yourself in an affected area, stay up to date on emergency alerts, follow any precautions released by your local National Weather Service and stay home if possible. Follow Currently for updates.
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This will be the wettest November in the history of Canada's west coast — if weather models hold.

Three more atmospheric rivers are arriving to the flood-soaked British Columbia coast over the next few days.

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