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Currently in Portland — December 15th, 2021

Currently Portland
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The weather, currently.
Cold and rainy day, with possible snow at higher elevations.
Cold and rainy day, with possible snow at higher elevations.
A cold day today, with highs only in the upper 30s. The system over our area will produce stratiform precipitation that in most places will fall as rain— but the highest hills in the Portland metro area could see some snow showers. Areas with elevation across the metro area will have the best shot at seeing frozen precipitation. Have a great Wednesday! —Kavin Iyengar
What you need to know, currently.
Eric Holthaus
This is and should be one of the most pressing problems facing humanity.

The breakup of the Thwaites ice shelf will change the course of human history.

We are in a climate emergency.
The Thwaites ice shelf is on the verge of collapse. This event will change the course of human history. This is and should be one of the most pressing problems facing humanity.
Scientists have found a network of cracks beneath a previously-stable ice shelf abutting the Thwaites glacier, and now think the shelf could shatter in 3 to 5 years. That would triple the rate of ice loss from Thwaites, the “doomsday glacier”.
Almost five years ago, I wrote a feature story on Thwaites and called it
Over the past five years, an unprecedented scientific campaign has focused attention on this enormous threat. Today’s news is some of the most alarming yet — though the scientific community is still deeply divided over its fate.
After five years of intense study, the fact that not only have scientists not ruled out the huge threat of Thwaites’ eventual collapse due to climate warming but that the threat has seemingly grown, should be enough to convince all governments to treat climate as an emergency. 
— Eric Holthaus
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This will be the wettest November in the history of Canada's west coast — if weather models hold.

Three more atmospheric rivers are arriving to the flood-soaked British Columbia coast over the next few days.

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