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Weather. But with a bird on it!

Weather. But with a bird on it!

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Currently in Portland — March 29th 2022

Tuesday will commence with areas of fog that we’ll need to navigate during the morning commute, yet start-line temperatures won’t be all too chilly, kicking off in the upper 40s. Conditions are set to improve for the afternoon as the cloud deck lifts and some…


Currently in Portland — March 28th 2022

We may finally be convinced that spring is actually upon us after a day so calm and mild, and for tomorrow, high temperatures will stay on the preferable side of 60°. Some intermittent showers slide back into the forecast, mainly during the morning hours, how…


Currently in Portland — March 25th 2022

After an enjoyable spring day today, all signs point to a repeat in the cards for tomorrow. We’ll obviously start with some fog, but only in pocket-form that will quickly clear by mid-morning. Plan for eyeball-pleasing partly cloudy skies for the afternoon an…


Currently in Portland — March 24th 2022

The ol’ fog and drizzle will be pervasive again tomorrow morning and plan for a cold drizzle at that as lows drop into the upper 30s. The cloud deck should rise by the afternoon with some breaks of blue sky visible. Temperatures will top in the above-average …


Currently in Portland — March 23rd 2022

After the weather gods administered a much-needed dose of Vitamin D to the Portland Metro today, clouds and dreary drizzle ascend to their ubiquitous throne once more tomorrow. Tuesday highs took a swing at 70°F, but the spring warmth strikes out for the week…


Currently in Portland — March 22nd 2022

Are you ready for some mood-lifting, smile-inducing, flower-sprouting spring weather? Well, break out the t-shirts and shades, pump up the bicycle tires and pump up the jams as a tremendous Tuesday is on tap. We’ll start off with some morning fog before typic…


Currently in Portland — March 21st 2022

To no one’s surprise, we’re ringing in the spring season with… rain. A damp and relatively raw day is on tap for the first day of the work week with rainfall that will increase in coverage into the afternoon when the intensity could tick up into the moderate …


Currently in Portland — March 18th 2022

Milder and mainly dry for the work week’s final showdown tomorrow, as high temperatures will attempt to ring the 60°F bell. Then a round of steady rain will commence late tomorrow night to make for a dodgy start to our Saturday. Some rain could be heavy at ti…


Currently in Portland — March 17th 2022

Not too much green is likely on the Radar for St. Paddy’s Day as any shower activity should be spotty in nature. That said, we’ll be pretty packed in with the cloud cover in Portland tomorrow, and temperatures slide back a bit with highs in the low 50s. Expec…


Currently in Portland — March 16th 2022

If you have outdoor plans or urges, Wednesday is the day this week to fulfill them! The Portland area will experience a brief reprieve from rainfall as a weak ridge deflects the steady stream of Pacific moisture well northward into central British Columbia an…


Currently in Portland — March 15th 2022

Precipitation will be less widespread on Tuesday than it was on Monday as the main storm system has moved out of the region. In its wake, the onshore shore will still usher in Pacific moisture-generating more rain, especially in the typical convergence zones.…


Currently in Portland — March 14th 2022

The wet weather we experienced this weekend will carry into what is shaping up to be a pretty wet week across the Pacific Northwest. After an expected lull in precipitation this evening and overnight, another large storm system will move onshore Monday. The r…


Currently in Portland — March 11th 2022

Quiet weather rounds out the work week before an active pattern develops this weekend as a series of disturbances pass through the Portland Metro. Saturday morning will remain rain-free for any outdoor chores but steady rain will overspread the area during th…


Currently in Portland — March 10th 2022

If blue skies encourage you to rise and grind, you’re gonna check all the things off the to-do list tomorrow. But if you need some extra help in shaking off the sleepies, Mother Nature has got you covered. Expect frigid morning air as capable as caffeine in p…


Currently in Portland — March 9th 2022

Our uninspiring gloomy Tuesday will mark the low point of the work week weather-wise, as conditions are on the come up into Friday. A few light rain/snow showers scoot out of town by late morning, and as they pack the free clouds along with them, expect to be…


Currently in Portland — March 8th 2022

Do you hear it? It’s the sound of trumpets playing in honor of our gloriously sunny day today, and we have more on the way this week... but not tomorrow. Rain-on-our-parade will return late tonight as a cold front drops out of BC, however, this system will be…


Currently in Portland — March 7th 2022

Another much-needed dose of Vitamin D is scheduled to be administered to our soggy souls tomorrow. This sunny treat will be made even sweeter with high temperatures near 60°F and a calm wind. But of course, all good late winter weather must come to an end in …


Currently in Portland — March 3rd 2022

After a soggy day full of so much so light rain, the rain chances are about to go down, down, down. We’ll still have rain tonight, obvi. And some rain tomorrow. But rain coverage will decrease on Friday. And the weekend is…dry! So make those outdoor plans, a …


Currently in Portland — March 2nd 2022

Ready the inner tube, as we’ll continue to float along this atmospheric river through tomorrow before a drier pattern develops for late week. A free-flowing plume of moisture will keep rounds of rain around tonight, tomorrow, and into tomorrow night. We can, …


Currently in Portland — March 1st 2022

March is set to come in like a lion, a very, very soggy lion tomorrow. After a soaking start to the workweek, the dog is not going to be down for the pre-bedtime stroll as the rain continues tonight with times of heavy rain likely.And for the start of meteoro…