Currently Los Angeles

From the beach to the mountains, in all kinds of weather.

From the beach to the mountains, in all kinds of weather.

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Currently Los Angeles

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Currently Los Angeles— March 29th 2022

Now that we’ve truly had a rainy day in Los Angeles, we’ll settle in for a drier, foggier week. Tuesday will be bright and sunny during the day, with highs around 67°F, with a strong wind kissing your shoulders. The evening will remain mostly clear and temper…


Currently Los Angeles— March 28th 2022

The weekend is over, and the skies are sobbing. Monday is a rainy one, so bust out those waterproof shoes you only wear once a year. Highs will crest around 60°F and strong winds blowing up to 30 mph could whip water in your face, leaving you cold and soggy. …


Currently Los Angeles— March 25th 2022

Friday and Saturday are primed to be cloudy, but lovely weekends, but unless you’re driving an electric vehicle, I’m not going to suggest a nice drive into the mountains to cool off from our highs in the 80s. I spent nearly $60 filling up my old Honda Civic y…


Currently Los Angeles— March 24th 2022

I’m smelling the jasmine bloom while walking from the parking lot to my work. I’m seeing golden poppies emerge on highway mediums. I’m prying the fresh mango found on the sidewalk from my dog’s iron jaws. Spring is really here!Things cool down just a smidge a…


Currently Los Angeles— March 23rd 2022

Wednesday is going to be even hotter than Tuesday, so buckle up! Those blustery Santa Ana’s are packing even more heat, thrusting our high temperatures to about 91°F in Downtown LA. I’m thinking of the little marking sticks I placed in the corner of my plot o…


Currently Los Angeles— March 22nd 2022

Things heat up significantly on Tuesday, as Santa Ana winds come in packing heat. Accompanying the wind’s fierce breeze will be hot temperatures in the upper 80s in Downtown LA. Is there anything stranger than being smacked with a blast of hot air when you’re…


Currently Los Angeles— March 21st 2022

After a little rain and a windy day, Los Angeles enters the workweek more calm and subdued. We’ll still have a strong breeze thrusting pollen under your nose, but at about 10 mph, it’s tamer than it was yesterday. Though I normally don’t suffer from strong al…


Currently Los Angeles— March 18th 2022

This weekend is ushered in by the “worm moon,” the nickname for March’s full moon. It refers to little bugs ending hibernation, getting ready to munch on our spring crops. Our weather has already been spring-like for a while, and Friday will keep the trend go…


Currently Los Angeles— March 17th 2022

Our skies remain sunny and blue, so not much to report! Thursday will have a thin layer of clouds in the sky, filtering some of our radiant sunshine, but that won’t stop it from reaching highs around 79°F in the afternoon. Just after lunchtime, shed your laye…


Currently Los Angeles— March 16th 2022

It’s the warmest day of this delightful week, with highs peaking around 80° on a cloudless day. Busier than usual, I haven’t really been able to enjoy it, but I’m still feeling the effects. My tiny apartment is trapping in that warmth and I’ve pulled out my t…


Currently Los Angeles— March 15th 2022

It’s another warm,brighth day when I feel solar-charged, but I’m stuck indoors. Highs are around 78°F in Downtown LA, and all I can do is longingly stare out the window with a tear in my eye. Do you remember the occasional day in middle school where the teach…


Currently Los Angeles— March 14th 2022

Monday looks to be yet another spectacular day across the LA Basin filled with abundant sunshine! High temperatures will reach the lower 70s for the coast and lower 80s inland. Winds will be a bit on the breezy side. From Downtown LA to the coast, expect wind…


Currently Los Angeles— March 11th 2022

Our weekend will kick off with a wind advisory, with strong northeastern winds blowing into Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. They’ll be strongest in the mountains, hitting speeds up to 25 mph. The winds bring warm weather with them, so this weekend will see …


Currently Los Angeles— March 10th 2022

This morning you’ll be waking up to a foggy, overcast sky. It’s just a tiny reminder that we’re barreling into summer, where every month has a cute nickname like May Gray, June Gloom, No Sky July, and Fogust. What would we call a cloudy March? Not sure— I’m n…


Currently Los Angeles— March 9th 2022

Clear skies and pleasing sunshine continue. It’s a little cooler today than yesterday, with highs hovering in the high 60s in downtown LA. I don’t have a yard, but this seems like gardening weather, so if you have access to a little patch of dirt it’s time to…


Currently Los Angeles— March 8th 2022

Things remain pleasant in Los Angeles. Bright, sunny skies and highs in the 70’s make me grateful for the Southern California climate, especially as I see people celebrate the creeping start of Spring. In fact, sometimes I'm a bit smug about it: oh, it’s fina…


Currently Los Angeles— March 7th 2022

I tried to hype up all that anticipated precipitation for the weekend, but ultimately, it didn’t get as wet as I’d have liked. At least there was a rainbow in our skies. Did you catch it? Did it make you smile?Monday we’re back to our regularly scheduled clea…


Currently Los Angeles— March 4th 2022

It looks like we’re heading into a rainy weekend, which might be annoying for enjoying a day off outdoors, but is desperately appreciated because of our current drought. There were no rainy days in February, so here’s hoping March breaks the spell.Thursday ni…


Currently Los Angeles— March 3rd 2022

The clouds that have been gathering over the night are getting heavier, grayer, more ominous. Most of today will be overcast as they decide whether or not to break. Before 4 pm, it’ll be partly sunny with highs around 71°F, so ditch work to take your pup to t…


Currently Los Angeles— March 2nd 2022

Enjoy another sunny day in Los Angeles. The highs are around 82°F today, and there aren’t any hazardous winds or high surfs to cramp your style. There will be lingering cloud coverage throughout the day, and by evening, the skies will be mostly covered. Thoug…