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The weather, currently.
Cloudy with thunderstorms and showers for Thursday September 30th
Cloudy with thunderstorms and showers for Thursday September 30th
Good evening Dallas-Fort Worth. Thursday will be another wet one as we are currently under the influence of the convective activity that kicked off last night and persists into this morning. This will keep the skies cloudy and the morning hours wet, and as such, daytime heating will be kept to a minimum, seeing the maximum temperature of around 88°. Although much of the rain that we see in the morning is the result of events from the night prior, the development of another low and cold front approaching from the north will increase the chances of precipitation and thunderstorms during the late afternoon and evening hours Thursday. The interaction between this approaching frontal system and the already moist air mass over the area provides all the elements for the development of widespread thunderstorms and showers. These widespread showers and storms will bring periods of heavy rains, high winds, and small hail. Considering the cloudiness and rain during the evening hours, the minimum temperature for the night will dip to a cool but damp 72°. — Benjamin Trim
What you need to know, currently.
Rosemary Westwood
NEW: Excessive heat has killed more people in Louisiana than any other impact from Ida, and they were all seniors. How one woman "went through hell" and what new regulations are planned in New Orleans.
Currently spoke with Rosemary Westwood, the public health reporter for Louisiana Public Radio, who recently reported on the heat deaths after Hurricane Ida that resulted from power outages and a lack of AC.
The majority of people who died from heat after the storm were elderly, 5 of them were living in residences for the elderly and people with disabilities and were left without electricity, staff, AC, or working elevators.
“There were seniors residences in New Orleans that were basically abandoned by staff,” said Westwood. “People who are vulnerable cannot live in the summer without air conditioning or without electricity to run their oxygen machines, without access to an elevator to get down to do what they might need to do, or to even just try to cool off.”
Westwood said that there are people in New Orleans working to ensure that those most vulnerable, like the elderly, who were left behind after Ida, are not forgotten next time. However, she says that as disasters and extreme weather become more frequent and intense due to climate change it is unsure if these precautions will be enough. 
“We’re letting them kind of bear the first and I think really intense effects of climate change with these storms. And then, treating it as a personal problem for them,” said Westwood. — Abbie Veitch
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Advice from a recent survey of disaster survivors by @publicintegrity: 1) Be aware, 2) Seek support, 3) Offer help, 4) Take action, and 5) Prepare for next time.

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